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UK5G is the new national innovation network dedicated to the promotion of research, collaboration and the commercial application of 5G in the UK.

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UK5G facilitates and encourages the engagement and coordination of organisations working on 5G activities across the UK.

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The testbeds & trials programme harnesses the power of evolving technology to catalyse 5G innovation in the UK.

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UK5G wants to reach out widely to the UK and beyond to build a vibrant 5G community.


Projects and programmes

The UK is already investing in large numbers of 5G projects at various technology.



UK5G is delivered and supported by leaders across the UK.


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Our team is independent and impartial with a senior advisory board.

We're proud to count some of the world's most ambitious and innovative technology companies among our members

At the heart of some of the UK's most innovative sectors

  • 5G Technologies

    5G Technologies

    Developments in 5G technology in themselves offer opportunities for UK research organisations and businesses to grow and succeed internationally. The UK is particularly strong in operational and business systems’ software design, system integration and security.

  • Agriculture_5G_sectors

    Agriculture and utilities

    Precision agriculture is now incorporating sensor technology to gather information on livestock, crops and soil, at dense spatial level - alerting the farmer to real-time operational issues.

  • Cyber security

    Cyber security

    The Testbed programme will work closely with the National Cyber Security Centre to help ensure that the development of cyber security skills and best practices grows at pace in keeping with the digitalisation of more and more of society and the economy.

  • Digital, Creativity and information services

    Digital, Creativity and information services

    Citizens will access more cultural activity, from enhanced media distribution to more engaging sporting events and unprecedented and immersive digital arts experiences - deploying holography and mixed reality applications.

  • Financial and information services

    Financial and information services

    Low latency will enable high-frequency mobile trading, enhance security features for mobile transactions, and frictionless, personalised payment technology.

  • Healthcare_5G_sector

    Health & social care

    5G will better enable connected care for the elderly, smart-health, and improved access for people with disabilities. 5G, with its ultra low latency, will enable the mentoring medical practitioners, such as surgeons, at a distance - in real time.

  • International


    UK5G will become a focal point for international engagement into the UK’s 5G eco-system - encouraging international participation and investment. Testbeds will draw on the UK’s R&D strengths in these areas with the involvement of internationally recognised academics.

  • Mobile & fixed communication

    Mobile & fixed communication

    The telecommunications network will become more responsive, and handsets allow advanced features such as augmented reality.

  • Production, manufacturing and robotics

    Production, manufacturing and robotics

    5G will enable more autonomous machine-to-machine communication that will deliver greater operational efficiency in Industry. The boundary between computing and networks will be blurred, enabling more process automation through mobile edge computing...

  • Transport and Logistics UK5G

    Transport & Logistics

    The coming revolution in vehicle technologies has the potential to transform the way we all travel. The response times promised by 5G will support the requirements of connected and autonomous vehicles particularly in Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I) Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) applications.

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UK5G network facilitate and encourage the engagement and coordination of organisations working on 5G activities across the UK.

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