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With 4G and 5G and a plethora of unique and divergent service requirements testing has never been more complex. AceAxis can help, we have developed 4G and 5G radios specifically targeted at supporting network load testing, development and deployment of test/trial networks and test of radios in a factory or lab environment


AceAxis has over 16 years experience of developing Radio Heads for 4G and 5G. During this time we have designed and manufactured 100,000s of radio heads.

To support our development activities, we have developed automated test solutions that allow for conformance and certification of radio systems.

We offer these automated test solutions, lab facilities and certification services for wireless system and network equipment providers  

Track record

AceAxis have supplied mass produced wireless infrastructure products worldwide. We build prototypes in our factility in Swindon and mass produce in Korea and Vietnam. 

We have also worked as a consortium partner within Innovate UK programs (for wideband radio development)

Terms of service

We would work as a supplier or as a SME partner within a consortia 

Service information
Plug-and-play ready-made 5G testbed accessible via APIs from anywhere, adaptable to multiple use cases.
System integration capability - Private Networks
Ability to manage a variety of technology providers to design and deliver a required solution: integration with private networks.
RAN - Macro Cells
Vendor/MNO/other supplier of RAN: hardware/software
Supplier of SDN/cloudRAN solutions
Industry sector specialism (as a service)
Telecommunications and technology