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BT Applied Research

BT Applied Research is located at BT’s main research and development centre in Adastral Park in Suffolk, UK, and is home to over 3,700 of BT's top scientists, engineers and business people. Our employees include many who are world leaders in their specialist fields, working at the forefront of new technologies and standards development in areas such as broadband applications and services, IP and data networks, IT, mobility and converged services, network design and management, and business applications and services. We provide research, development and consulting services for BT, developing innovative technological ideas and solutions that translate into practical and marketable solutions for the business.

We provide a full end-to-end 5G testbed consisting of 3.6GHz and 28GHz radio systems at the Adastral Park site. We have the ability to host and integrate 5G applications for the purposes of testing 5G innovations. Use cases can be supported from a wide range of industrial applications including media production & distribution, public protection & disaster relief, health & social care, transport & connected vehicles, augmented & virtual reality, industry 4.0, etc.
Track record
The testbed is currently part of Horizon2020 programme ICT-17-2018, 5G-VINNI. The Adastral Park facility is one of a set of interconnected 5G testbeds across Europe. https://www.5g-vinni.eu/
Terms of service
Use of the testbed with BT Applied Research as a partner in a consortium. The offer is network as a service and currently the integration is bespoke rather than through an open API. Pricing to be agreed.
Service information
Plug-and-play ready-made 5G testbed accessible via APIs from anywhere, adaptable to multiple use cases.
Industry sector specialism (as a service)
Telecommunications and technology