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Firecell develops, packages and distributes the world's first open source software suite of 4G and 5G core and radio access network.

One of Firecell's shareholders is Eurecom (scientific research institute) who is also the creator of The OpenAirInterface Software Alliance. OSA is a non-profit consortium managing the open source software development activities, for the core network and access-network of 3GPP 4G and 5G Cellular Stack.

Firecell uses this collective work of hundreds of programmers across the OSA community, and packages and sells the resulting product. Firecell's added value is to provide its customers enterprise-ready software packages, along with documentation, technical support and tailor-made features, when requested. As sometimes customers’ needs are specific on e.g. new features or different performance, functionality or interfaces. Firecell then fills in the gap by developing proprietary software extensions. These results are not fed back into the OAI source code.

Our largest customer segments are Industry 4.0 manufacturers and critical communications operators, who value
- Open source code being transparent, constantly improved and having no backdoor possible.
- That Firecell's open source software together with its virtualization distributions allows pure software deployments flexibly; on public or private cloud, at the edge, or on any hardware.


Why Firecell, open source core & RAN?  

The market is controlled by a limited number of traditional vendors with proprietary solutions.

While OSA is financed by 800 hundred pound gorillas e.g. companies such as  Facebook, Qualcomm and Fujitsu who develop their own products and projects on top of the code with their own teams. This approach however does not fit the enterprise market: Most companies do not have an in-house legion of software developers to develop their own solution.

In fact 80% of Industry 4.0 potential customers are not ready to pay what incumbent vendors or Telcos are charging. Hence, we Firecell decided to fill the gap and focus on this specific sweet spot of a market: Offering 5G Network for Industry 4.0 customers. 



Track record

The company has been incorporated in April 2021 - but already now (June 2021) we're signing our first contract for the next 3 years. This speaks volumes on how a positioning like Firecell's is needed at this market.

Bigger announcement on this 1st contract will be made shortly, stay tuned @Firecell's LinkedIN  

The company has been created by telecom veterans and its management team has more than +20 years of experience of telecom software deployments in all corners of the world, incl. Reliance JIO in India, Telstra in Australia, Samsung in Korea, NTT DoCoMo in Japan, Verizon in the US of A etc. 

Terms of service

Firecell's 4G & 5G products & services

5G TTCN stack

  • Online tools and testing suites to help chipset, module and device vendors test the numerous 4G and 5G scenarios compliance.
  • Per test and subscription pricing model.

 4G & 5G private network stack

  • 4G & 5G CORE
  • 4G et 5G RAN
  • SaaS per month, per cell pricing model.

 4G & 5G private tactical bubble

  • 4G & 5G private tactical private networks. Agnostic to hardware, ready to deploy and operate.
  • SaaS per month per cell pricing model.

Design House Services

  • Tailor-made development projects, integration, support and maintenance services.
  • Service-based tariffs per project or per man-day.





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