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Groundhog Technologies Inc.

Groundhog Technologies was founded in 2001 as a spin-off from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Since then, our Mobility Intelligence Platform has analyzed many of the busiest mobile networks in the world; saving operators millions of dollars, increasing customer satisfaction and generating new revenues.
Groundhog Technologies applies a combination of Chaos Theory-based Geolocation models and Human Mobility Deep Learning Algorithms to transform raw network data into monetizable assets.


Geo-location with proven superior accuracy providing value across departments from RAN planning and optimization to customer service and marketing, resulting in unsurpassed ROI potential. Improved Quality of Service through accelerated troubleshooting, optimization, and new solution deployments (small cells and 5G capacity expansion) based on identified hotspots. Significantly reduced reliance on time-consuming and costly drive testing. Flexibility through advanced Geo-APIs easily customizable to interface with, and enhance other systems such as CEM, SON, DPI, probes, customer care, and apps.

Track record

For more than a decade, Groundhog Technologies has been the premiere provider of mobile big data analytics for the world’s leading mobile operators. Today 8 out of the top 20 mobile operators globally are our customers. Our innovations have enabled stakeholders to increase their efficiency across a range of technical and commercial value drivers and maintain a high level of service for their customers. Customers list: SingTel Group, Rakuten (First O-RAN Telco), DTAG, Salt Group, Ooredoo Group, Etisalat Group, STC Group, Viettel Group, Airtel Group, Telkomsel, Optus, FarEastone, etc.

Terms of service

We're flexible to provide perpetual or annual licensing by ourselves, or being a component in a broader service offering or a partner in a consortia.

Service information
System integration capability - MNOs
Ability to manage a variety of technology providers to design and deliver a required solution: : integration with MNOs.
System integration capability - Private Networks
Ability to manage a variety of technology providers to design and deliver a required solution: integration with private networks.
Project management capability
Ability to manage complex innovation project management aspects of network deployment.
Radio planning
Radio planning, design and modelling - services and tools.
RAN - Small Cells
Vendor/MNO/other supplier of RAN: hardware/software
RAN - Macro Cells
Vendor/MNO/other supplier of RAN: hardware/software
Supplier of SDN/cloudRAN solutions
RAN - other
Vendor/MNO/other supplier of RAN: hardware/software/including radio transmission services
Data/Data Exchange/ IoT platform
Interconnect data repositories to allow 3rd-party users access to application or user data.
OSS/BSS [operations and business support systems]
MNO/Private OSS/BSS systems and tools.
Network management - systems
Provision of MNO/Private network management tools and services.
Network management - operations, monitoring and management
Operation of network management tools and monitoring services.
Industry sector specialism (as a service)
Telecommunications and technology
Financial and insurance Services
Smart communities, public services