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JET ENGINEERING system solutions

Launched in 2020, JET Engineering System Solutions Ltd is a disruptive force for innovative good. We presently provide a range of maritime connected solutions using 5G, AIS, and RF networks. Key objectives are to enable high bandwidth data transfer in multiple environments including civilian, defence, green-shipping, and renewables. Our core purpose is to leverage selected emerging technologies to positively impact safety, security, and environmental outcomes in any operational environment.

JET Engineering System Solutions is developing a nodal and/or mesh communications network to enable a resilient, adaptive, and high-value connected IoT platform in littoral, open-sea, and open-architecture environments. The SCMS (Surf Condition Monitoring System) buoy and ULST (User Location Safety Transmitter) personal locator beacon are the first sensor devices to be deployed on this network. JET Engineering System Solutions also offers agile concept-to-market R&D services to support partners and clients in realisation of 5G and other comms technology solutions to real-world opportunities.
Track record
Spun out from JET Engineering Services, a specialist supplier of systems engineering services since 2008, JET Engineering System Solutions was founded to leverage in-house expertise and experience to develop our 5G IoT comms platform. Co-Founders James Thomas and Andy Crouch both have technical and project pedigree in civilian and defence systems organisations, and are supported by a growing team of equally driven professionals. Early successes include contracts with DCMS 5G Rural Dorset project for provision of SCMS buoys and with the National Physics Lab for development of maritime 5G antenna.
Service information
System integration capability - MNOs
Ability to manage a variety of technology providers to design and deliver a required solution: : integration with MNOs.
System integration capability - Private Networks
Ability to manage a variety of technology providers to design and deliver a required solution: integration with private networks.
Project management capability
Ability to manage complex innovation project management aspects of network deployment.
Devices, sensors, wearables, drones and accessories
End-user device provider.
Industry sector specialism (as a service)
Automotive, Transport and Logistics (Road, Rail and Ports)
Energy and Environmental
Smart communities, public services