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Mativision Limited

Mativision Limited is the most experienced specialist in the fields of immersive video and interactive content. With a field-proven end-to-end workflow, a highly experienced team with an unmatched skillset and market leading 360° video platform and distribution technologies, we have VR – live streamed major events to global audiences of millions and have produced and delivered award-wining immersive projects for a long list of international clients across industry sectors. From live entertainment to enterprise training and medical education our clients include Facebook, Google, Samsung, FOX, MTV, Universal, Warner Bros, Vodafone, Unilever, Novartis, Jeep, Fiat, Coach and others. We are valued partners of governments and corporates on R&D innovation and commercial projects, using our mature proprietary platform to demonstrate 5G next generation capabilities. Leveraging more than 10 years solid field experience worldwide, Mativision is the trusted immersive media production partner.


Mativision has developed the first 5G-ready immersive content distribution platform, positioning the company in the forefront of the emerging 5G applications ecosystem. The platform has been field-tested and proven in large scale UK 5G Trials See videos describing : 5G Smart Tourism Showcase; 5GST tests video; Bristol 5GST Harbour Fest VR Live Stream with 5G; Live VR Delivery Platform; Matvision is Global

Track record

Mativision produces and delivers interactive 360° content and immersive applications, including augmented, virtual and mixed reality since 2012. Mativision has developed a number of distribution platforms among which is the first 5G-ready immersive content distribution platform, positioning the company in the forefront of the emerging 5G applications ecosystem. Mativision has participated as a partner in a series of large-scale 5G-focused Projects, specifically: 5G Smart Tourism, 5G-Smart Tourism Extension, 5G-Encode (all funded by the DCMS as part of the UK large scale 5G Trials) and the 5G-Victori (Horizon2020). At the time of writing, Mativision is a partner in three new 5G-focused proposals undergoing evaluation for funding both in the UK and Europe. We are offering our fully 5G-enabled immersive Content Delivery Platform to interested partners, as the core enabling technology towards building and delivering next-generation immersive services to their customers.

Terms of service

Mativision is interested to co-operate with interested partners either as a supplier/subcontractor or as a partner in R&D Consortia. We have extensive global experience working with both models. In addition, our platform technology is available for licensing, as “white label” enabling technology. As a small company, Mativision maintains unique flexibility and adaptability to any model our partners may wish to propose, working to the overall benefit of any partnership.

Service information
Entertainment and Streaming platforms for online delivery
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App development and provisioning
Design, build and maintenance of mobile apps.
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