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Real Wireless Ltd

Real Wireless is the pre-eminent independent expert advisor in wireless technology, business strategy and regulation worldwide. We bridge the gap between the wireless industry and wireless users. We help the wireless industry to better understand and meet the needs of its customers and help wireless users to get the best from wireless to the benefit of their business.
We offer a range of services, including business case development, system modelling, co-existence studies, expert witness services, market surveys, product analysis, demand forecasts, economic analysis, network dimensioning, coverage/capacity/performance analysis, cost analysis and more.
Our wireless industry clients include operators, vendors and regulators, our wireless user clients include public venues, transportation, central and local government and investors.
We work across a wide group of wireless sectors, including mobile, satellite, broadcast, private & business radio and wireless backhaul.
Our innovative work on topologies includes work in pioneering small cells (we founded the Small Cell Forum) and we are active in both technical and business evaluation of network virtualisation initiatives.
We underpin our advisory services with a wide range of unique, in house developed software tools, including for coverage prediction, network dimensioning, business case analysis, network cost optimisation, capacity prediction, system simulation and propagation modelling.


Real Wireless can provide a variety of services to support testbed and trial projects and other 5G deployments, these could include: Radio network dimensioning - we can undertake high level network design to meet specific use case requirements, this could be for MNO networks, private 5G networks or a network slice. This could use any of the mobile bands – low band for coverage, mid band for capacity and mmWave for ultra high capacity. We can simulate the network performance as usage scales and compare the real world network performance, once deployed, against the performance set out by the vendor use case development – developing the key use cases and network service parameters to support these use cases network technology optioneering. We can compare the different options for connectivity, e.g. comparing performance, suitability to the planned use cases, deployment and operational costs, spectrum choices and co-existence challenges. Digital infrastructure convergence – 5G and fibre can be seen as complementary with the expectation that both are necessary in the connected place narrative – we can help triallists assess how to optimise both 5G and fibre deployments Business case development – we can develop the business case to show how the use cases and services can be scaled and how costs and revenues align

Track record

Real Wireless is very active in the 5G space. Our CTO is on the Advisory Board of the UK5G Innovation Network and co-chairs the 5G International Working Group. Real Wireless participated in the AutoAir 5G Testbed and Trial which deployed a high density mmWave small cell network at the Millbrook proving ground supporting high speed connected vehicles. We are currently participating in the Liverpool 5G CREATE testbed. We have also participated in 3 EC Horizon 2020 projects since 2015 - 5G NORMA, 5G MoNArch ad we are currently working on the 5G TOURS project. These projects moved from complex slicing concepts through to network deployments analysing use case requirements in areas such as health and tourism. We have also undertaken a number of 5G spectrum projects for regulators.

Terms of service

As a provider of advisory services our terms of service are very straightforward

Service information
Radio planning
Radio planning, design and modelling - services and tools.
RAN - other
Vendor/MNO/other supplier of RAN: hardware/software/including radio transmission services
Industry sector specialism (as a service)
Telecommunications and technology
Automotive, Transport and Logistics (Road, Rail and Ports)
Energy and Environmental
Smart communities, public services