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Backed by deep expertise in delivering unparalleled physical and virtual network intelligence, VIAVI Solutions helps service providers–and their ecosystems–deploy, maintain, optimize, and evolve complex wireless networks. For every role, in every business, everywhere in the world...
VIAVI empowers Service Providers and IT organizations to manage the network lifecycle for complex 5G and Fiber networks with intuitive instruments, systems and technologies.
5G End to End Lab and Field Testing, from the VIAVI Wireless Business Unit (Formerly Aeroflex), based in Stevenage, UK. We work with all the major existing NEMS, new NEM/Cloud vendors and Service Providers to validate their RAN performance and compliance in the lab before deployment. We are very active members of the O-RAN alliance involved in many working groups.


Backed by the O-RAN ALLIANCE, VIAVI helps customers confidently navigate the complexities of 5G networks by managing interoperability and resolving problems across multiple vendors starting on day one. Successful testing and an open-ecosystem approach is essential to scaling and sustaining 5G. By adopting the O-RAN ALLIANCE fronthaul specifications, developing O-RAN compliant RAN and fronthaul test practices and establishing diverse partnerships within industry workgroups, VIAVI has established a multi-faceted commitment to the success of O-RAN development and deployment. Championing interoperability test methodologies that minimize built-in test dependencies is essential for managing the cost of deployed network infrastructure. This includes the development of methods to evaluate Open RAN field performance.

VIAVI has embraced the end-to-end (E2E) challenges of MV-IOT by supporting and collaborating with our partners on the development of O-RAN test tools extending from the lab to the field. This includes component level wrap around testing, vendor pairing evaluations to validate the function, performance, robustness and resilience of specific combinations, and protocol compliance testing for open interfaces. Holistic evaluation of multiple combinations and system level testing are integral to success and conformance to O-RAN specifications.

Track record

VIAVI have been involved in 5G lab RAN testing since 2017 working with all the major NEMS and continue today working with all vendors and service providers to validate and test E2E RAN from Lab to Field.  Our involvement has enabled our customers to test and validate their own services rapidly with ease Our portfolio is extensive including RAN device and application, 5G Core Emulators and Testers, Security Testers, Cell site signal analysers and network testers, to name but a few.

We have been and are involved in numerous projects around the globe and participated in the Berlin ORAN plugfest successfully testing real world solutions/products in a lab environment.

Terms of service

We can offer services as a supplier, direct or through a partner.

Service information
Plug-and-play ready-made 5G testbed accessible via APIs from anywhere, adaptable to multiple use cases.
Security Gateway/Certification Authority server/Firewalls
Vendor/MNO/other supplier of network security: hardware/software/applications.
Network security consultancy
System security design, integration, management, testing consultancy services.
Network test equipment
Drive-test/walk-test/network test tools and services.
Industry sector specialism (as a service)
Telecommunications and technology
Automotive, Transport and Logistics (Road, Rail and Ports)