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"5G can super-charge the spectrum of broadcast opportunities"

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  • Published by Vicki DeBlasi on 17 Nov 2021
  • Last modified 16 Nov 2021
As part of our Creative Industries vertical campaign, we recently ran a webinar with Immerse UK around the potential of 5G in production and distribution. With engaging presentations and a lively panel session hosted by Maggie Philbin, it was a fascinating event that explored just how transformative 5G could be to this sector.

Following an opening presentation by Asha Easton from Immerse UK, we were joined by a fantastic group of guest speakers: Purminder Gandhu and Ian Wagdin from BBC R&D, Sol Rogers from REWIND, Patricia Doherty from Live+Wild, Geoff Goodwin from Yahoo and Guy Gadney from Charisma AI.  Together they have all innovated, experimented and pushed the limits of what 5G can do in production and distribution.

An in-depth and fascinating set of presentations explored the different technology opportunities that 5G can enable, the varying degrees of control and business models they offer and the varying requirements of different broadcast scenarios (consider a breaking news story vs a planned sports event).  There were some strong messages around how best to inform innovation in the industry, with the need for signficant collaboration between partners, manufacturers and supplier, and the use of a common lanugage between mobile network operators and broadcasters.  Standards and regulation were also discussed at length.

Philbin asked the panellists what they have found most exciting about their work with 5G so far.  From broadcasting real-time - which Doherty identified as "both liberating and terrifying...in a good way" - to the ability of 5G to "supercharge" - as Goodwin put it - the "spectrum of opportunity available to brands to work as broadcasters". For Rogers it was all about "the ability for it to assist in the decrease of waste" and the opportunity to increase the reach of your content, while Gadney identified the potential of hybrid analogue / digital theatre experiences to positively impact "not just sustainability but accessibility, access for the disabled and people who might not feel they are comfortable going back into a physical space yet".

You can watch the video of the full panel session below.  To find out more about how 5G can support the Creative Industries, visit our new hub.

5G and the Creative Industries: Production and Distribution from KTN on Vimeo.

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