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5G and the Broadcast Industry

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  • Published by Lucy Woods on 17 Oct 2019
  • Last modified 24 Oct 2019
An Event Reflection
  • More time and a cultural upheaval is needed before the full impact of 5G can be realised
  • Remote production will create a considerably improved work-life-balance 

On the 8th October, Dolby Screening Rooms hosted one of four events that make up Broadcast Tech Fest which have been designed for the production industry. They run until December 2019. 

Broadcast Tech Fest 2019 events

Broadcast TECH’s Connectivity Forum offered an unrivalled opportunity to hear first-hand how 5G and IP workflows are being utilised to revolutionise TV and sport productions, enable true remote working, creating efficiencies, offer a better work/life balance for staff, and reduce overheads across broadcast facilities, TV studios and post-production.

Adam Cox, Senior Analyst at Futuresource Consulting kicked the morning off by speaking about the enablers (which are great) but also the increasingly restrictive budgets which is causing sustainability to jump up the priority list for production teams. 

Adam's presentation highlight lights the pro’s and con’s of moving your production into a remote model. There’s the expected capex and opex savings, less kit being shipped and transported etc and it was refreshing to hear Adam talking about the wider societal factors at play such as work-life-balance. Adam's presentation is now available in the Resources section of the UK5G site.

He states a ‘cultural upheaval’ is needed. The broadcast industry is largely a traditional one which is usually resistant to change. The PTZ increase in sales demonstrates exactly this. 

John Curtis, F1 Programme Editor at Whisper and Tim De Marco, Head of Engineering - Live Galleries & Studios at IMG Media upped the pace and showcased some sport production examples.


5G Panel

Broadcast Tech Fest 2019 5G Panel

Claire Harvey, Key Account Manager at Red Bee Media, and Chair of the UK5G  Creative Industries Working Group commented:

We're excited about the opportunities that 5G will bring to broadcast and also to technologies like AR/VR, across the Creative Industries. There is however a knowledge gap in some areas, so there is still a way to go.

Ian Wagdin, Senior Technology Transfer Manager at BBC said:

We’ve had eyes on 5G development 2-3 years ago, principally around distribution. 5G offers solutions for mobile but also around the ‘last-mile-hop’. 

and continues "3gpp have reached out to the verticals asking them about requirements from 5G. We have teamed up with broadcasters, suppliers and manufacturers from across Europe to identify use cases and requirements to meet the needs of production teams.” 

Matt Stagg, Director of Mobile Strategy at BT Sport reiterated the work-life balance gains from moving to remote production (and the green benefits) and commented:

In the future they could marry traditional broadcast with untethered 5G camera operation, giving unlimited creative opportunities. 

The audience were introduced to their visionary 5G for Sport film:

As expected, Technology Analysts were present and Dean Bubley provided this commentary on the event..(view in full on Twitter)

Dean Bubley

Jake Bickerton, Editor of Broadcast Tech and his team will be posting an event write-up which we will share with you here once it’s available. 

To sign-up for the other Broadcast Tech Fest events, head to their website for more info.

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