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5G & the developer relationship

  • 1 minute read
  • Published by Elizabeth Coyne on 17 Jul 2020
  • Last modified 17 Jul 2020
The relationship between telcos and software developers has never been strong – mainly because software was not synonymous with the hardware-based telcos we all came to know and love (or not).

In the past, telcos could not see the value of working with developers and it was not by any means easy for developers to work with telcos thanks to different tools, platforms and technologies for each telco. However, this has all changed with the arrival of software-defined networking, containers, virtualization, Open APIs and 5G into the telco vernacular and infrastructure.

The arrival of 5G means new capabilities such as edge computing and network slicing and other 5G-enabled applications that require developers to work with telcos. Open APIs are crucial to this effort but that’s not all – telcos need to work at being better partners overall.

To get an idea of what developers need to help move things along, TM Forum has launched a “Developer is King” survey. This survey is open to any developer who wants to offer their insight into what operators need to do to build closer relationships.

Take the survey here