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5G for Immersive Technologies - Unlocking the Full Potential

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  • Published by Eleanor Brash on 10 Dec 2019
  • Last modified 1 May 2020
On the 29th November, the UK5G Creative Industries Working Group hosted its first event exploring the opportunities that 5G brings to the creative sector.

The event, organised in collaboration with the BBC and led by Alexandra Hussenot (UK5G Creative Industries Working Group member and the CEO of Immersionn), provided an overview of 5G technologies and the ways in which those technologies can shape the creative industries. High bandwidth, low latency and the ability to connect many devices simultaneously will have a significant impact on the industry’s offerings and will open new doors for creative exploration and investment – particularly, in the immersive sector which the event focused on.

The creative industries’ contribution to the UK economy exceeded £100 billion in 2017 (source: DCMS). During the discussion panel, the speakers explored how 5G technologies can grow this contribution further. Some of the ideas included:

  • Low latency and its impact on production, post-production, delivery and consumption of immersive content.
  • The potential for new transformative production methodologies and workflows for example in electronic news gathering (ENG) and live outside broadcasting.
  • The speed of 5G deployment by operators and its impact on the creative sector
  • The influence of AR/VR innovators on the acceleration of 5G adoption in the UK

The discussion panel was joined by:

  • Alexandra Hussenot – Immersionn/UK5G 
  • Rupert Breheny – Google
  • Marc Cornall – Vodafone
  • David Biggs – BT
  • Ed King – BBC/UK5G
  • Mauricio Aracena – Ericsson

Creative Industries Event Panel

The event also provided an opportunity for attendees to elaborate on the adoption of 5G in the creative sector and how to stimulate its acceleration. There were several areas which the participants talked about, particularly around early adoption  barriers and opportunities, including:

  • Infrastructure
  • Skills
  • Production tools
  • Hardware
  • OS and platforms
  • Distribution and monetisation
  • Collaboration

It was great to see such a wide range of people from large and small companies and academic and publicly funded institutions from all over the UK at the BBC in Media City Salford for our inaugural UK5G Creative Industries Working Group event. Thanks to Alexandra Hussenot for curating, to all our panel speakers, and to everyone, for the high quality discussion and insight.

Claire Harvey, Business Director at Red Bee Media and Chair of the UK5G Creative Industries Working Group

Creative Industries Event Workshop

The feedback from the session will contribute to the work of the UK5G Creative Industries Working Group and, through UK5G, inform the telecommunications and other UK industries as to the current state of end-users’ thinking.

The Creative Industries Working Group is now preparing a series of further events in the first quarter of 2020 focusing on other areas within creative industries for example arts and heritage, advertising, broadcasting or sports. Further details will be announced soon.

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