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5G in Transport & Logistics: Future Flight

  • 1 minute read
  • Published by Crispin Moller on 26 Jan 2022
  • Last modified 21 Jan 2022
Watch this webinar from UK5G and KTN to explore what 5G ‘smart transport’ is, and how it could benefit your organisation, customer experience and the transport sector’s environmental impact

A global pandemic has meant that the skies may be quieter for the time being, but that will soon change. In addition to manned flights, there is a lot of interest in drones (UAVs) across sectors, including in logistics: some estimates put 76,000 of these connected flying vehicles in the skies by 2030. 5G provides the capabilities and capacity to power the high density/ultra-low latency systems that future flight requires.

Watch this webinar to learn about the how and why of 5G in future flight, from those who are making it happen. This event is of interest to anyone concerned with efficient, safer and cleaner flight.

5G in Transport & Logistics: Future Flight from KTN on Vimeo.