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"5G needs to enhance the user experience, not distract from it"

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  • Published by Vicki DeBlasi on 11 Oct 2021
  • Last modified 11 Oct 2021
As part of our Creative Industries vertical campaign, Matt Stagg facilitated an in-depth and insightful panel session for the recent 5G World event.

What excites you most about the future of your sector in a 5G world?  This was the question that panellists Rory Byrne, Founder of LocationXR; Yvonne Thomas, Strategic Technologist from DTG, a partner in Project Vista; and Anthony Karydis, MD of Mativision, a partner in 5G Festival, tackled in a recent panel session.

The panellists looked at both "now" and "next", reflecting on some of the fascinating use cases and 5G applications they're exploring and how their expectations of 5G have changed through those trials.  There was an acknowledgement that some of the use cases were initially "a little off the wall" and focused on PR moments, while the industry now is shifting more to the development of 5G applications that are business case focused and creating experiences that consumers can meaningfully engage with.  Significantly, it was acknowledged that applications can provide deeply immersive experiences but should be seamless, enhancing an individual's experience - for instance at a football match - rather than distracting from it.

The need to leverage this new technology and most importantly, make money out of it, is key. There was recognition that the pandemic had fast-tracked use case exploration in Creative Industries, rooted in a real need to find new ways of working and high quality content, even when all the rules of production had changed.  Stagg acknowledged that BT Sport "probably went three years down our roadmap for remote production in six months" with a strong acknowledgement by all partners that this also has the potential for positive sustainability impacts.

Accessibility was a key theme discussed by the group and seen as a really important development, ensuring that the content created is inclusive and engaging for all.  And it's not just the recipients of content that can benefit but the creators too.  Karydis talked about the work being conducted by 5G Festival and how 5G is overcoming physical distance barriers to artists collaborating.  There was a sense that hybrid experiences are becoming more and more important, and 5G can faciliate this.

You can watch the video of the full panel session below.

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