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5G or Bust: your guide to 2020

  • 2 minute read
  • Published by Elizabeth Coyne on 10 Feb 2020
  • Last modified 20 Feb 2020
As telecoms are keeping their pulse on emerging technologies and opportunities, everyone has one thing on their mind – 5G.

Well, maybe there are a few other things on people’s minds … such as mobile edge computing, network slicing, analytics and AI, networking platforms, business models, public cloud and enabling new services to drive revenue.

Providers of business and operations solutions are tasked with turning wondrous technology into a revenue stream with verifiable quality and efficient, accurate management processes. They are the experts that attendees should approach after leaving a keynote or booth demonstration, heads spinning with visions of society-changing applications and services.

This year, global telecoms companies will focus on discussions and demonstrations of:

  • Current and future states of connectivity in the 5G era
  • Customer engagement in the era of analytics and robotics
  • Industry X – perhaps the biggest opportunity for communications service providers (CSPs) in decades
  • How media and entertainment are driving ICT
  • The role for highly anticipated artificial intelligence (AI) applications
  • Technology’s role in both preserving the natural environment and contributing to its destruction
  • The role for communications technology in society’s struggle for security, privacy and equality

To get a better understanding of the event before you get on the plane, you can tune into TM Forum’s “Guide to 2020” webinar on 20 February. The Forum’s Chief Analyst, Mark Newman will assess the status of how telecoms operators are capturing the relevant opportunities, the broader technology and services landscape and the discussions that he expects to take place both on the conference and exhibition floors.

Register for the webinar here and download the full “Guide to 2020” report on TM Forum’s news channel Inform before you pack your bags.