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5G Realised 2021: Three best moments

  • 3 minute read
  • Published by Crispin Moller on 3 Jun 2021
  • Last modified 9 Jun 2021
The two-day event shaped up to be innovative and informative

Earlier this week 5G Realised brought together industry leaders to explore real applications for 5G and how to realise them. 

Supported by the Department of Digital, Culture, Media & Support (DCMS), the summit, which is a part of 5G Week, utilised live streaming to allow the largest interested audience possible to access the content. Enjoy our highlights below. 

1. Andy Burham discusses enabling a leading digital city region 

The Mayor of Greater Manchester talked about how support from DCMS has enabled Greater Manchester to become the UK’s second-largest technology hub, second to London. Burham emphasised that “real changes”, such as the arrival of the Government Communications Headquarters which specialises in intelligence and security, are contributing to a thriving scene.

He explained that 5G coverage in the city was currently at 20% and that in two years, this should have reached 70%. “The network will open up how we live, work and travel and we intend to take advantage of all those opportunities. But we need to make sure no citizen is left behind. After water, gas and electricity, a connection is essential. 

“Greater Manchester has a vision,” he added. “It starts with everyone having digital access.”

2. UK Government ‘Fireside Chat’ with Matt Warman MP

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State (Minister for Digital Infrastructure) sat down with Ros Singleton, Chair of UK5G, to discuss how 5G is driving industries forward. Warman said that the rollout will take time to develop but the UK government is going to make sure there is a sufficient supply chain and in the long run, secure widespread diversification. 

He said he was most proud of the diversity of the 5G Testbeds and Trials Programme. “Its consequences made a tangible difference at a time when it mattered but also, in the future, we can build on this success through collaboration between individuals and organisations.” 

He continued: “The pandemic has shown the value of digital infrastructure. The sector should be very proud of its ability to achieve something so quickly in a time like this. It’s now our job as a government to identify gaps and take 5G to the next level. We need an approach that makes it as widely accessible as possible. Only then will we see more rapidly widespread benefits.” 

3. Reflections by Tony Sceales

The Head of 5G Programme Development closed the brilliant two-day event by stating that “we’ve had lots of passion and commitment from people to use their work, and even spare time, to make the projects happen and as a result, 5G us alive and well in the UK!” 

“Over the past couple of days, the marketplace for innovation has become very clear. There’s a real need for us to get to somewhere that our citizens can appreciate and our economy will benefit from,” he continued. 

It’s not just about academia anymore. It’s about reality and collaborating across the entire network. It’s important to remember that we have access to vaccinations, given to us by a network.” 

 He added: “I’m hoping that by next year the place will be throbbing with people. It’s been great to be here, and for hundreds of people across the world to be able to join us. Thank you all.”