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5G Special, Take-2

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  • Published by Lucy Woods on 14 Jan 2020
  • Last modified 14 Jan 2020
Get involved with upcoming 5G Special in The Times

5G raconteur special

UK5G are delighted to announce a repeat partnership with Raconteur for its second special report about 5G and its impact on business, industry and infrastructure, to be published in The Times on 19 February 2020 and distributed at subsequent events, including Mobile World Congress.

This 20-page report will educate The Times’ senior business readership on how 5G will impact a huge number of industries. It will analyse how and why businesses can expect to receive ROI from investing in 5G equipment and services, once again informing business leaders on the benefits of 5G and tackling the risk of UK industries being left behind. 

There is the opportunity for UK5G members to contribute editorial, commercial features and/or advertising. The special report will profile a limited number of leading firms and discounted commercial options are available to all our members.

The contact for this activity is Publishing Manager, Jack Bailey (+44 203 877 3847, jkb@raconteur.net). Production deadlines are tight so we would encourage you to contact him as soon as possible and he will be happy to provide more information about the report and the return on investment members can expect from involvement.