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Another milestone completed

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  • Published by Lucy Woods on 14 Dec 2018
  • Last modified 14 Dec 2018
As with any major project, milestones are a chance to step-back and recap its progress and performance to-date. It’s a welcomed stage for the majority of the stakeholders involved, especially in complex projects like the UK5G phase 1 testbeds and trials programme, because it’s a chance to communicate successes and provide new solutions for potential challenge areas.

Quickline is one of nine delivery partners involved in the 5G Rural Integrated Testbed or 5GRIT as it’s commonly referred to. They deliver fast reliable internet connectivity to Business, Public Sector and Residential customers via an independent Fibre and Fixed Wireless Access network, alongside our partner networks

5GRIT are building a 5G testbed for rural use cases in Cumbria, Northumberland, North Yorkshire, Inverness-shire, Perthshire and Monmouthshire, using TV White Space technology to test the potential for shared spectrum radio to deliver 5G services to rural areas. As part of the Quickline milestone delivery for November 2018, one of the targets was to achieve live customer connections on the 5G network. 


During the last six weeks Quickline have being working to turn two test networks into live test beds. This has been successful and the project now has two live 5G technology test beds. One using TV White Space technology, that harnesses the spare TV spectrum to deliver broadband services to premises that have no line of sight to existing Fixed Wireless infrastructure or to standard Mobile phone networks. The second network has been built using Millimetre wave technology and built  to deliver ultrafast, ultra low-latency connections. 

So far twelve customers have been connected onto the network. TV White Space connections have been able to demonstrate speeds around 10Mbps. The Millimetre wave connections have been able to achieve speeds in excess of 400Mbps.

Both networks are within Rural areas and can provide services into homes and businesses that are traditionally hard to reach broadband areas. The following report demonstrates how this network has been built and what the first customers think about the new 5G services.

Steve Davison, Commercial Manager for Quickline Communications commented "The challenges are concerned with equipment procurement, testing and installations. Customers we have spoken to have been very supportive and wanted to be apart of the trial.'

Next steps are to improve the connections, tweak where we are seeing failures, and continue to monitor into January 2019; the next delivery milestone.

Steve continues "We will also be trying to implement connectivity into the farming community to assist in crop management."

You can read the Quickline report in full by downloading their Executive Summary here

Next steps for remaining milestones

Longhills, Lincolnshire
The next steps to improve the Longhills site will be to receive the filters from 6H and apply to the two deployed base stations, in the hope that any surrounding interference will be minimised / eliminated; this has the potential to see the service delivered elevated into superfast, where currently it does not meet this requirement. This will be a positive move forward to prove the concept in this geolocation.

Auckley, South Yorkshire
Continue to support the installation base by adding to the deployed numbers; in so doing we aim to maximise the deployment of units and determine whether this meets the manufacturer’s installation limits.

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