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AppyWay Announced as 5G Innovation of the Year Winner in the Digital Leaders 100 Award

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  • Published by Anna Nadolna on 16 Oct 2020
  • Last modified 16 Oct 2020
New aql backed Digital Leaders 100 Award category recognises the exemplary 5G work happening across the UK

5G is changing the future of connectivity. It has become an industry game changer that is being used to develop entirely new digital services across the public, private and charities sectors. To recognise the individuals, projects and organisations driving 5G innovation in the UK, aql Founder & CEO and the UK5G Advisory Board Member, Professor Adam Beaumont, has championed a new award category in this year’s Digital Leaders 100 Awards, the 5G Innovation of the Year Award.

Nominated by representatives of aql, UK5G Innovation Network and the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN), a list of 10 outstanding 5G projects was compiled, and from that list three finalists - Zeetta Networks, Liverpool 5G, and Appyway - were chosen.

The winner, AppyWay was victorious in the category for its Kerbside Parking Availability Trial chosen for its 5G-enabled identification use of live kerbside parking availability. By unlocking real-time parking data, Appyway has been able to improve driver journey times, the flow of traffic and emissions levels. In turn, this will help to reduce congestion, improve air quality within urban environments, and make city centres and local highstreets more accessible for visitors to help local economies.


Zeetta Networks was nominated as a finalist for its 5G-ENCODE project created to demonstrate the value of 5G on industrial use cases within the composites manufacturing industry. The project is set to validate the premise that using private 5G networks in conjunction with new business models can deliver better efficiency, productivity, and a range of new services to help the UK lead the development of advanced manufacturing applications.

Bringing together a consortium of skilled organisations, Liverpool 5G was also recognised as a finalist for its work addressing digital poverty and health inequalities with an independent, private network for delivering health, social care and education services. Liverpool 5G created Europe’s largest 5G mmWave mesh network. The new 5G Create project is incorporating cellular capability and providing a blueprint for private networks delivering public services.

“This is an exciting time for 5G innovation. With the UK Government backing efforts to position the country as a 5G leader, it seems the expectation and vision for this technology is now becoming a reality,” commented Professor Adam Beaumont, founder & CEO of aql. “5G technology will connect more people than ever, and it’s great to see how it is being used for good across healthcare, social care, education, manufacturing and business to help improve everyday life. The winner AppyWay, and the two finalists are prime examples of 5G being used to help drive social and economic change. I’d like to congratulate them all and wish them luck in winning the award.”  

Watch the 2020 Digital Leaders 100 Awards virtual ceremony in full here