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The Scotland 5G Centre announces delivery partner

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  • Published by Charisma Quebral on 7 Jun 2021
  • Last modified 7 Jun 2021
AWTG is delighted to be providing for the first rural 5G connectivity hub

AWTG is working with the S5GC, building on its depth of past 5G successes and its profile of 5G activities in Scotland in particular—such as in Dundee and Glasgow. This is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate a wide range of pioneering use cases over 5G. 

Aside from designing, deploying and operating the 5G network that will be used to deliver the use cases, a key aspect of this work is extensive consultancy on aspects of 5G use cases development, business modelling and market analysis, and the actual programming of applications for the 5G use cases among other topics. This project is therefore pioneering in terms of its range and scope, and its end-to-end nature of delivery.

  Photo from www.crichton.co.uk    

5G connectivity hub will take advantage of the unique nature of 5G to address a wide range of use cases and create fresh opportunities that benefit local businesses and communities.

With the first rural 5G connectivity hub in Scotland, The Crichton will host several advanced use cases and applications exploring the potential of 5G in transforming communities and improving socio-economic benefits in Scotland. The planned use cases and applications will range from agriculture technology to remote health and assisted living initiatives.