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AWTG Invests an Additional £2.5 Million for 5G

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  • Published by Charisma Quebral on 10 Oct 2020
  • Last modified 14 Oct 2020
AWTG Ltd, a UK based end to end network and technology solutions provider, has announced it is investing an additional £2.5M to expand its engineering skills, software solutions and technology to support the explosive growth of 5G at a carrier and Private Networks level to meet customer’s demand.

Established in 2006, AWTG is recognised as one of the world’s leading 5G systems integrators. In 2014, AWTG built the UK’s first 5G network at the 5G Innovation Centre (5GIC) University of Surrey and is currently delivering the latest among its range of 5G Standalone testbeds in the City of Dundee. Internationally, AWTG has delivered over 3,000 5G sites into service for mobile network operators, private networks, testbeds and others. 



AWTG has made significant investments in the UK’s DCMS inspired 5G testbed and trials programme to enhance its understanding of the capabilities of 5G and their applicability to Industry, especially manufacturing. This has meant working with multiple vendors, delivering a wide range of use cases incorporating 5G features such as Mobile Edge Computing, Network Slicing and Spectrum Sharing. AWTG has developed significant experience of optimising or ‘tuning’ a network for Industry 4.0 and other 5G use cases.


For over 10 years around the world, AWTG has been providing high-quality software solutions and services underpinning mobile networks for over 65 million consumers. Many new high-impact markets are being unlocked by 5G in the realms of industry-specific use cases, healthcare, industry 4.0, robotic control, smart tourism and entertainment, among many others.

AWTG has created a portfolio of 5G-powered applications focused on education, retail (physical and virtual), WorkSafe (including a range of wearable social distancing and personal safety devices), and healthcare. Several of these are already being deployed by operators and in use with end clients. 

Services and Technology

As an end-to-end network services company, AWTG carries out the full range, from drive testing (mapping the signal strengths and performances of 2G/3G/4G and now 5G networks) through radio planning, network design, build, integration, commissioning, optimisation, and operational management. AWTG has upgraded all of its tools to enhance its 5G capabilities, including developing a drone survey and inspection service. AWTG’s technology solutions were recently validated by leading network operators and industry associations (view here).

 Abbey Alidoosti, Founder and CEO of AWTG, shares the company’s core values:

AWTG prides itself in maintaining its place at the forefront of mobile technology and applications. Working with multiple vendors and a wide range of use cases, we have explored the art of the possible with regard to 5G, and our investment demonstrates we are ready to help our clients maximise the return on their 5G investment.

 Some powerhouse names in the 5G Industry have shared their thoughts about the future of 5G in the UK and positive feedback of AWTG’s contribution.

 Dr. Michael Short, Chief Scientific Advisor at the Department for International Trade:

5G is rapidly expanding global market that UK business can take advantage of so it’s great to see this UK based SME making this strategic investment.

 Regius Prof. Rahim Tafazolli, Professor and Director of Institute for Communication Systems (ICS) and 5GIC (5G Innovation Centre) at the University of Surrey:

5GIC has worked with AWTG for over 7 years and we have found their professionalism and wide range of expertise in all aspects of mobile communications uniquely impressive. These combined with their genuine passion, commitment and dedication will undoubtedly make such strategic investments successful and bear fruit as the market realises the business value to be unlocked by 5G.

 Tony Sceales, Head of 5G Programme Development DCMS:

The vision of the 5G Testbed and Trials programme has been to foster the development of the UK’s 5G Ecosystem and help boost the UK’s digital infrastructure; build the business case for 5G and the ideal conditions needed to deploy it efficiently, and lead the way in 5G R&D to drive UK 5G leadership. This will create new opportunities for UK business at home and abroad. AWTG has been very supportive of the programme and we’re delighted to see this further investment that is being used to develop 5G applications and services with worldwide potential.

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