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The Better Connected podcast has arrived

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  • Published on 16 Feb 2021
  • Last modified 18 Feb 2021
The first episode of the Better Connected podcast has landed - and here's what to expect.

There are so many new and exciting ways in which to leverage 5G technology to engage with current and future audiences. The challenge right now is identifying what is really possible and turning innovative ideas into reality. The 'Better Connected' podcast, powered by the Creative Industries Working Group, will uncover what is possible and give insights into the large eco-system ready to help build the creative platforms of the future.

Join podcast host, Rory Byrne, Founder of LocationXR and guests for a 5-parter podcast which unfolds 5G's potential for the UK's creative sector. 

Better Connected Podcast supporters

The Better Connected Podcast has been designed to uncover the opportunities that 5G will bring to the creative industries and to showcase the ecosystem of partners and platforms that could be leveraged now and in the near future.
Rory Byrne - Podcast Host

5G Innovation - the first episode

Join Rory Byrne, Founder of LocationXR and guests; Matt Stagg (Director of Mobile Strategy at BT Sport) and Jamie Allan (Media, Entertainment & Broadcast Industry lead - Northern Europe, at Nvidia). They'll be kicking-off the podcast series exploring the below topics and more.

  • Cross pollination between technologies and industries
  • Future of Fan/Sport Experience
  • Edge Computing
  • 5G roll out
  • Do we even need 5G?

Upcoming guests include:

  • Vicki DeBlasi - Head of Innovation Communication, CISCO
  • Katie Baron - Strategy, Dir. of Brand Engagement (Trends & Innovation) -  Stylus Magazine
  • Alistair Thompson - Head of Innovation Lab, Epic Games
  • Peter Marshall - Strategic Marketing Director, Ericsson
  • Plus many more!

Feedback from the Creative Industries Working Group chairs:

Claire Harvey - Account Director for Red Bee Media | Chair of the Creative Industries Working Group

Thanks to our brilliant working group, this series is about next generation technologies as seen from the frontline of the UK’s Creative Industries.

Dr Alex Connock Fellow, Said Business School, Oxford University 
Co-chair of the Creative Industries Working Group

2021 will be the year that 5G finally reaches the phones of many of the UK population in a meaningful way. But what services will it really offer ? Which walks of life will it be able to transform? This is the podcast that cuts away the hype and reflects on the actual technical opportunities - business, government, personal - offered by 5G.  It’s delivered by the people working at the cutting edge of it in the UK, and will be an incredibly valuable introduction.