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Break through the bottleneck for full fiber network rollouts: Fiber monetization

  • 1 minute read
  • Published by Crispin Moller on 30 Jun 2020
  • Last modified 31 Jul 2020
Fiber network is the foundation for 5G and F5G network as well as the premise to realize F5G vision “Fiber to everything”.

Through fiber monetization and technology innovation, carrier operators are mostly on the way to speed up fiber network full coverage in the efficient way which helps building up the solid base for the 5th Generation Network launch.

In HAS 2020, Ms. Yuhong Wang, a senior financial expert from Huawei carrier network business group, shared her team recent insight: outside China, more and more carrier operators initiated the fiber monetization by spin-off of the fiber assets and attraction of external investors to cooperate on fiber wholesale business in order to break through the financial bottleneck for speeding up full fiber network rollouts and coverage and lead its business into the positive cycle for the better sales growth and operating cash flow improvement.

The reason behind the trend from 2017 to now, is that FMC (fixed-mobile network convergence) strategy is fast executed by more and more carrier operators. From 2017, more and more capital shows interested in fiber business which facilitates the fiber monetization and helps speeding up the full fiber network rollouts and coverage. 

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