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The Citi Wise App

  • 2 minute read
  • Published by Lucy Woods on 16 Oct 2018
  • Last modified 17 Oct 2018
IntechnologyWiFi recently joined the UK5G Innovation Network and when we asked them what they're working on - here's what they had to say....

IntechnologyWiFi provide blanket public WiFi coverage in towns and cities across the UK, including the entire City Centre of Edinburgh, as part of their Connected City Platform. This provides a foundation of digital connectivity onto which smart city services can be created and delivered.

Their City Insights Analytics engine provides information on footfall, demographics and trends that can be used to generate valuable, actionable insight both for those providing public services and by destination management teams.

The network also includes their Citi-Wise city guide app and website which is a jumping off point for many of the 1 million users that have used their UK network since it launched.


Phil Dunseath, IntechnologyWiFi Marketing Manager, said

"We’ve had great feedback from users of Citi-Wise, they really appreciate curated content and love being able to find those “hidden gems” they might not have otherwise discovered. Local businesses benefit too as it helps drive up footfall and revenue.

Places like Edinburgh really get it. The £1.3bn investment in data driven innovation as a result of the Edinburgh and South East Scotland Region Deal is evidence of that."

Improvements in digital connectivity and the fast pace of development of smart city services is changing the capability of what can be achieved in the smart tourism space.

"The cities, towns or attractions which adopt and embrace smart tourism technology will benefit the most.

The winners will be those who use data to respond in real-time to changing visitor demand, potentially even flexing admission pricing to better manage footfall and seasonality, encouraging visitors to explore attractions which are equally culturally rich but which are off the normal tourist trail."

Having that real-time knowledge of where’s busy and where’s not helps destination management teams optimise the costs and revenues of their cultural assets as well as providing a better customer experience for visitors.

We’re planning to build on the success of our Citi-Wise app by developing a smart tourism platform that incorporates intelligent consent based proximity marketing, wayfinding and immersive media to give visitors the best experience wherever they are."