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Commercialising quantum technologies challenge

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  • Published by Crispin Moller on 19 Feb 2021
  • Last modified 19 Feb 2021
This challenge is investing £153 million, supported by £205 million from industry, to develop new products and technologies based on advances in quantum science.

We’re building on the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme to drive innovation across a range of sectors including automotive, healthcare, infrastructure, telecommunications, cybersecurity and defence.

The challenge will comprise four areas to support the UK quantum industry:

  • product and service innovations: funding for collaborative research and innovation, aiming to deliver new quantum-enabled product and service innovations
  • industry-led technology development projects: a programme of industry-led research activities, each addressing specific challenges
  • supply chain: a series of feasibility projects looking at innovative components and supply chain elements across the quantum sector
  • investment accelerator: supporting early-stage, spin-out and start-up quantum technologies companies to secure venture capital.

Contact the challenge team for any queries at quantum@innovateuk.ukri.org.

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