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DCMS Digital Connectivity Infrastructure Accelerator (DCIA) - Local Authorities Survey

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  • Published by Crispin Moller on 21 Apr 2021
  • Last modified 21 Apr 2021

There are a number of challenges to the expansion of wireless networks, including 5G, which the DCMS Digital Connectivity Infrastructure Accelerator (DCIA) project aims to address. As part of this, DCMS is inviting local authorities to complete a survey to gain an understanding of UK local authorities and their experience of mapping assets that could be used for the deployment of wireless telecommunication infrastructure.

Accelerated investment in 5G and advanced wireless network densification will bring benefits to society, the environment and the economy. Yet this will not be without its challenges: particularly identifying and deploying additional site locations nationally.

Local authorities manage a significant portfolio of publicly owned assets which are often uniquely well suited to the installation of wireless telecommunications equipment. Simplifying the interactions between local authorities and the telecommunications industry promises to significantly accelerate the expansion of existing wireless networks and connectivity and by extension, support local economic growth and digital inclusion in communities across the UK.

Within the DCIA project, DCMS and its cross-government partners will support the implementation of a national digital platform for mapping and brokerage of publicly owned assets for use in the rollout of wireless communication networks. The platform aims to make interactions between public sector asset owners and telecommunications companies as frictionless as possible, so as to reduce the complexity of site acquisitions and to support the rollout of digital connectivity at a greater pace than would otherwise be possible.

By working together on the implementation of a digital platform, we will look to deliver significant resource savings to local authorities by eliminating the need for case-by-case planning interventions and support increased utilisation of publicly owned assets that are in harmony with community interests and local place-making ambitions.

If you represent a local authority, could you please participate in a brief survey and share your views? We truly value your thoughts.

Follow this link to contribute to the survey. The deadline for responses is Friday 14 May.

If you represent another organisation and would like to register your interest, and/or receive further information, please contact dcia-info@dcms.gov.uk

Please find the Background Information Document for the DCIA Local Authorities Survey here.