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DCMS: Open RAN R&D consultation - 12th May workshop event

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  • Published by Crispin Moller on 23 Apr 2021
  • Last modified 23 Apr 2021
The UK Government’s 5G Supply Chain Diversification Strategy (2020) set out the long-term vision for the telecoms access supply market. One where competition and innovation bring forward new deployment models based on open interfaces and interoperable standards, with flexible networks and comprising an array of suppliers.

This is because such a market increases competition and choice, and ultimately introduces interchangeability of equipment into the supply chain, boosting resilience.

One of the Government’s top priorities for delivering the strategy is investing in a R&D ecosystem that will support industry to accelerate the development of interoperable deployment methods, like Open RAN. In particular, the strategy identifies the high cost of R&D as a key barrier to entry for suppliers of open and interoperable products.

DCMS is keen to understand from industry how government funding can support the R&D needed to get interoperable technologies competing with traditional deployment methods in the most demanding, dense environments.

UK5G has been asked to host an event that will provide an opportunity for the DCMS to explore industry thinking in this area and test both the scope of a potential funding round and method of delivery with key stakeholders. It is also an opportunity for DCMS to discuss their latest thinking.

The event is scheduled for the afternoon of the 12th May starting at 14:00. 

Please register your interest in attendance by 10th May.

Please note that we will be inviting a limited number of participants drawn from various interested groups (eg: operators, vendors, small and large companies etc).  We will confirm attendance as soon as we can, and a full agenda will be provided closer to the event.