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Dense Air on the UK’s Future Telecom Infrastructure Review

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  • Published by Eleanor Brash on 24 Jul 2018
  • Last modified 27 Jul 2018
Dense Air and Airspan Spectrum Holdings support DCMS proposals for innovative spectrum release at 3.6-3.8 GHz to enable new business models for 5G

Dense Air today announced its strong support for the UK’s Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Future Telecom Infrastructure review, specifically the proposals for 3.6-3.8 GHz which will drive forward 5G innovation in the UK.

Dense Air is a new class of wholesale-only network operator, that “enhances and extends” the coverage and capacity of existing Mobile Networks and will operate as a “Carrier of Carriers”, typically on a neutral host basis.

Dense Air uses Airspan Network’s comprehensive portfolio set of 4G and 5G small cells to offer “Small Cells as a Service” to Mobile and Fixed operators in licensed spectrum. Typically, this means the deployment of small cells for urban densification and the deployment of small cells for rural extension of mobile coverage. Dense Air’s technology platforms enable highly targeted mass deployment of 4G and 5G infrastructure in an efficient and economical fashion. The suggested dynamic spectrum licensing, light licensing and sharing frameworks proposed by this review for 3.6-3.8 GHz potentially would enable Dense Air to start its operations in the UK as soon as the spectrum is released.

We are very excited about the opportunity to bring a completely new type of wholesale service to the UK’s mobile industry. Dense Air’s Carrier-of-Carriers mobile service offering will complement existing 4G deployments and planned 5G investments. By adding neutral host 4G and 5G small cells, running in licensed spectrum, to these networks at cell edge, either outdoors or indoors, we can dramatically improve the experience to end users, increasing their speeds and the available network capacity. Importantly Dense Air doesn’t and won’t compete in any way with existing retail mobile service providers. Our mission is to help MNOs and MVNOs improve their business case for the rollout of pervasive 4G and 5G networks.

Paul Senior, Acting CEO of Dense Air, and Managing Director of Airspan Spectrum Holding

Airspan's unique 4G and 5G products and technology leadership in intelligent small cells with integrated LTE relay and millimeter-wave backhaul technologies allows Dense Air to provide innovative solutions that drive forward 5G deployment in a cost-effective way. The AutoAir DCMS funded 5G Testbed and Trial project created a platform to accelerate 5G deployment in the UK, and this announcement by DCMS provides a way to bring these technologies to market rapidly.

Eric Stonestrom, CEO and President of Airspan Networks

What is Dense Air?

  • An optimised network densification and network extension service.
  • Solution delivered using Indoor and Outdoor Small Cells
  • Service operates in licensed, dedicated spectrum
  • Dense Air small cells provide services on a “Neutral Host” basis
  • We support 4G LTE and soon for 5G NR networks
  • Services are offered on a wholesale “Carrier of Carriers” basis
  • Our services are delivered in Urban, Suburban or Rural areas
  • The focus is on mobile use cases, including eMBB, IoT, Public Safety

Airspan is the lead organisation in the AutoAir Testbed & Trial.