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"Everyone sees the vision but you have to get your hands dirty to explore the details"

  • 2 minute read
  • Published by Vicki DeBlasi on 5 Oct 2021
  • Last modified 5 Oct 2021
As part of our Manufacturing vertical campaign, Sylvia Lu facilitated an in-depth and insightful panel session for the recent 5G World event.

What is 5G's place in manufacturing, is it just to replace wired connectivity or will transform the full landscape for manufacturers?  This was the question that panellists Riccardo Weber from West Midlands 5G, Katy Ho from Digital Catapult, Sivanathan Aparajithan from Factory of the Future and AMRC and Joachin Sacho from 5GSMART and Ericsson tackled in a recent panel session.

The panellists represented some of the most advanced projects that have been exploring 5G in the manufacturing sector in the UK, Germany and Sweden and were keen to share their work, first-hand insights and learnings to date.

It was recognised that the first part of the journey is helping organisations understand exactly what 5G can do in the sector but as Weber stated, this needs to be presented clearly with a focus on answering, "does it work and what does it deliver to me?"

This was a sentiment echoed by all the panellists; the need to present information in a simple, understandable and impactful fashion, especially for SME manufacturers who don't have huge budgets but make up the majority of manufacturing businesses in the UK.  This is exactly what UK5G's manufacturing campaign aims to do; you can find more information about how 5G can be deployed in manufaturing, what benefits it can unlock and how to get it, on our new manufacuring hub.

You can watch the video of the full panel session below.