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Exploring 5G in Sports

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  • Published by Lucy Woods on 16 Apr 2020
  • Last modified 6 May 2020
On the 31st March, the UK5G Creative Industries Working Group hosted its second event exploring the opportunities that 5G brings to the creative sector.

The event, organised in collaboration with BT and Sceenic provided an overview of 5G technologies and the ways in which those technologies can revolutionise the way we produce, consume and distribute sporting content.

High bandwidth, low latency and the ability to connect many devices simultaneously will have a significant impact on the industry’s offering and open new doors for creative exploration and investment.

Surfaced stats include:

  • The creative industries’ contribution to the UK economy exceeded £100 billion in 2017 (source: DCMS)
  • The English Premier League (EPL) is broadcast to 1 billion homes in 188 nations and supports close to 100,000 jobs in the UK, generating broadcast revenue of more than £2.8 billion a year (source: Great.gov.uk)

Matt Stagg, Director of Strategy at BT Sport, explained various technical aspects of 5G and how they apply to the Sports Broadcast sector using an example of EE Wembley Cup -  the first live sporting event produced remotely using 5G technology.

Matt also presented BT’s vision of enhanced spectator experience thanks to 5G connectivity:

The webinar enjoyed a panel session with:

  • Claire Harvey - Red Bee Media/UK5G (Moderator)
  • Matt Stagg - Director of Strategy, BT Sport/UK5G
  • Alison Hutchins - Lead Product Development Manager, BT Media & Broadcast
  • Brian Leonard - Head of Engineering -Production and Workflows, IMG
  • Paul Bojarski - CEO, Sceenic/UK5G

Sceenic platform

Panellists discussed a number of issues around 5G and the sports industry:

  • Content production 
  • Connectivity within sports stadiums vs non-stadium connectivity (sports in removed locations)
  • 5G standards
  • Reliability and costs
  • New options and opportunities enabled by 5G network
  • E-sports

The event also provided an opportunity for attendees to elaborate on the adoption of 5G in the sports sector and how to stimulate its acceleration. By using Sceenic’s video conferencing platform, the panellists hosted a breakout room which owned a key topic and steered healthy discussions with delegates. Questions from participants have been worked up into a thread which you can view on the Collaboration Exchange

5g for sports - collab exchange

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