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Faces of 5G: A day in the life of Jeff Davis

  • 3 minute read
  • Published by Crispin Moller on 7 Sep 2022
  • Last modified 7 Sep 2022
The latest blog post in our Faces of 5G series, showcasing the people working behind UK5G

Hello, my name is Jeff Davis and I am the founder and CEO of Asset Market, a software company. Our mission is to support and accelerate the delivery of 5G and other digital infrastructures, facilitating the placement of wireless antenna systems on land, buildings and street furniture by way of an online platform. 

Alongside Vodafone, one of the largest UK MNOs, we are a partner in the Berkshire Digital Infrastructure Group, a group of Local Authorities working collectively across the Thames Valley Region on delivering one of the eight DCIA pilot projects funded by DCMS. The pilot is testing processes required to digitise elements of site acquisition and through our asset management platform test multiple scenarios across six local authorities. These include but are not limited to urban, rural, town centre, public buildings and other transport and street assets. 

Asset Market is configuring our digital asset platform to allow local authorities to efficiently engage with telecoms network operators to agree on sites for new antennas needed to support 5G. We are also driving consistency in asset data standards and helping local authorities understand the benefits and impacts of 5G in their communities, collaborating with Estates, Legal, Highways and Planning teams. This will, hopefully, shape the way local authorities collaborate with telecoms firms to deliver and manage 5G technology on local authorities’ property.

Currently, finding hosts for 5G antennas is more difficult than it needs to be. It is costly and time-consuming. Facilitating communication between local authorities and MNOs is crucial. A mutual understanding is necessary and can be an important enabler to smooth, efficient 5G deployment across the UK. 

1. What do you enjoy most about working in this space? 

Demystifying the data. It’s like solving a mystery. I love organising information in an intuitive way, questioning where a device is best placed while considering commercial and technical requirements. I also enjoy working with a wide range of different stakeholders in the project and bringing people together.

2. What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve done in the name of 5G?

I’m based in North America so I regularly get up in the middle of the night to join 5G-related meetings… 

3. What excites you most about working on 5G?

Digital infrastructure is a critical utility, just like electricity and just like water. People are starting to recognise this, which is very exciting. 

4. What would you like people to know about your work?

The UK government is facilitating 5G. DCMS is proactively bringing industry and local authorities together. Our tax money is at work and I really appreciate that. 

5. What’s the biggest benefit you think 5G will bring to the UK?

If you ask my kids, they’d probably say virtual reality games or watching Netflix in the park reliably. But, I just want a reliable connection and good bandwidth in busy areas without interruption of performance. Businesses will ee the big benefits through automation and by having extensive information at their fingertips whether in the warehouse, factory or field. The network has the capacity to accommodate a growing number of devices and a range of use cases. 5G has so much potential.