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A glimpse of Birmingham's future as 5G revealed at event

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  • Published by Lucy Woods on 13 Sep 2019
  • Last modified 7 Oct 2019
Virtual reality headsets that can see through walls, 5G enabled robots and an interactive stadium experience were just some of the technologies on display at the recent event.

The mind-blowing range of uses for 5G was on display for all to see this week as the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) gave a glimpse into the future of technology.

Virtual reality goggles that 'see through walls', an interactive sporting experience and autonomous robot arms were just some of the technologies on display at Birmingham City University on Wednesday (September 11) as West Midlands 5G gave a series of demonstrations.

And the technology could be available to the public soon - with one official claiming that it will reach 'mass market' in 2020.

West Midlands 5G (WM5G) is an organisation set up following the region's successful bid to become the country's first 5G testbed late last year.

Proponents say 5G, which provides speeds of up to ten times faster than 4G, has the potential to deliver significant citizen, public and private sector benefits across healthcare, manufacturing and construction industries, to name just a few.

And it's something which Igor Leprince, Chair of WM5G, believes will help the West Midlands become the most advanced region in the UK.

"What’s our goal, what’s our mission?," he said at the event.

WM5G popup event

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