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“Greens and reds” - what did the UK5G Exhibition Stand signify?

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  • Published by Lucy Woods on 14 Sep 2020
  • Last modified 14 Sep 2020
The irony of unveiling a networking and exhibition stand during a global health pandemic, like Covid19, is not lost on us.

Back in January, we (UK5G) commissioned a branded exhibition pod to showcase the 5G Testbeds & Trials (5GTT) at various technology events throughout the year. September was going to be a monumental month in terms of physical eventing: 5G World, 5G Week, 5G Realised, Connected Britain, Edge Week and Digital Transformation Word - all major conferences taking place in the same month. A networking treat for the 5GTT delivery partners and attendees alike. 

UK5G Exhibition Stand

“It looks pretty, but what is it?” 

“Is it a heatmap of digital connectivity hotspots in the UK?”

The design of the exhibition stand was borne from a conversation with Iris Barcia of Keima. Below, Iris explains what the artwork represents:

This West Midlands area between Birmingham and Coventry is a perfect example of the variety of environments that will benefit from 5G, a mix of rural, suburban, and dense urban morphologies.

The UK5G Exhibition Stand shows our models of the landscape and the data demand, which are critical inputs to the intelligent ML-driven algorithms that we have developed to design optimal networks.

The image reveals how the environment model captures every element that will impact a 5G signal (buildings, trees, roads, lakes, etc.) as it propagates across the landscape.

The colour in the image is a heat map that illustrates the demand for 5G mobile services. The redder areas indicate where there is a high consumption of data and a higher concentration of users; the green areas indicate low data consumption.

It is easy to spot Birmingham and Coventry, which stand out in bright red. Equally fascinating is to see how smaller villages are represented in the image, ensuring remote households and farming communities are also part of future 5G network designs.

Digitising the United Kingdom at 1 m resolution produces a graphic with 661,020 × 1,225,506 pixels which is an 810 Gigapixel image. The UK5G team faced the challenge of maintaining the original resolution of the data – for anyone living in that area it may be fun to get closer to the image and see the place where they live as the computer ‘sees’ them.

Birmingham Keima heatmap

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