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5G Creative Industries podcast: Our highlights

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  • Published by Crispin Moller on 10 Jun 2021
  • Last modified 10 Jun 2021
David Attenborough to front government-funded 5G AR app...

Better connected Podcast Episode 3

We're very excited to be releasing episode two of the Better Connected 5G Creative Industries podcast, featuring two special guests: Steve Jelley, co-founder and joint managing director of Dimension, one of the world's most advanced volumetric, 3D capture and virtual production studios; and Alistair Thompson, Head of the London Innovation Lab at the highly-esteemed Epic Games, home to Fortnite—one of the most successful battle royale games ever made.

What content trends are we seeing now?

“We recently used volumetric capture to capture 50 models wearing the new amazing Balenciaga collection and created an online world with all of the partners on the projects; we were able to deliver this incredible experience directly into people's browser,” says Steve Jelley. "A lot of people said, “this is the future of fashion” and so it should be!”

He continues: "Its success was largely due to this ease of access, meaning anybody could engage with the content—and this democratisation is exactly what 5G will do."

Will 5G technology bring creative industries forward? 

“One of the projects we're doing this year, with the BBC and David Attenborough, is an augmented experience at Kew Gardens,” adds Jelley.

“You’ll be able to learn about plants there and David Attenborough will be your guide! You’ll be able to see him on your phone or in a headset, which is really exciting.”

How can 5G help creative industries leverage in the future? 

“It will mean that we'll be able to bring together creative groups and flash groups of talent in a way that I think would have been hard to do pre-5G,” says Alistair Thompson. “And yet all of this will become second nature quite quickly." 

"We won't even think about 5G powering it but ultimately, it is 5G that is the underlying technology behind all of these things that I think we'll start seeing.” 

To listen to the full Better Connected podcast, visit here

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