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HTC builds private 5G network to power multiple XR experiences

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  • Published by Crispin Moller on 1 Mar 2022
  • Last modified 1 Mar 2022
5G continues to redefine industries, and open up new potential for how business is done, and how people enjoy themselves.

As the technology becomes more advanced, HTC recognizes that the power of portable private 5G networks cannot be underestimated, whether it’s for employee training scenarios, design applications with real-time changes, or even remotely controlling machinery in hazardous environments. Every organisation across every sector can feel real-world benefits from low-latency highly-reliable private 5G networks.

Building on the success of technical demos shown at CES, HTC unveiled its latest portable private 5G solution – the Reign Core- working closely with new HTC subsidiary, G Reign, and in collaboration with Supermicro.

Supermicro provided hardware as part of this collaboration, demonstrating the versatility of the new Reign Foundation 5G product. G Reign has unique experience in the industry, across both mobile and XR, bringing that knowledge together to develop advanced software for private 5G networks. 

Reign Core is designed to work seamlessly with Open RAN, essentially allowing organisations to buy ‘off-the-shelf' hardware components, such as Supermicro and Lumen Technologies, and then run tailored software to create their own private 5G solution, scalable to any size. 

Reign Core has a compact all-in-one footprint making it highly portable. And it can be set-up in just 30 minutes, making it perfect for location-based services, and even demonstrating a proof of concept. Powerful and flexible, Reign Core is complaint with 3GPP and O-RAN structure using an x86 base server to compose a 5G network system including 5GC, BBU, RRU and L3 switch. 

Reign Core powered several experiences at Mobile World Congress, including a scaled-down example of driving cars remotely. Using scale-model radio controlled cars, drivers were sat facing away from the track, watching two high-res video feeds of a first-person view and a top-down view – beamed over 5G - so they could steer the cars through the course. At the same time, the feed was also viewable on VIVE Flow headsets for spectators. 

The top-down view was filmed and broadcast via a new 5G AI Smart Camera , which is perfect for scenarios like sports stadiums where safety of large crowds is a priority. The 5G smart camera system works on Edge AI and is fully OSSA compliant. 

Simultaneously on the same private 5G network, we hosted a 5G Cloud VR demonstration, streaming PCVR quality to multiple VIVE Focus 3 all-in-one headsets. 

HTC VIVE also announced a global strategic partnership with Lumen Technologies, continuing the success the two companies have enjoyed together. 

HTC VIVE and OutHere Showcase New VR Construction Safety Training Simulation at MWC

Construction work is one of the most dangerous professions. According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration, one in five U.S. worker deaths in 2019 were in construction. That’s why companies like Skanska – the fifth largest construction company in the world – is looking to virtual reality (VR) to decrease the number of preventable accidents. Skanska collaborated with creative XR agency, OutHere, to implement a construction safety training platform workers can experience on HTC’s VIVE Focus 3. HTC VIVE will showcase the latest version of OutHere’s training program called, ‘Step Into Safety’ for the first time at Mobile World Congress (MWC).

HTC Construction AR/VR

Safety training is hugely important for any construction site, where even small accidents can have a huge impact on personal safety, as well as the project’s success. Safety training, in the construction industry, is difficult because there are thousands of unique situations, making it impossible to build safe physical training environments, and it can be expensive. Classroom learning has a valuable place but there’s nothing which can replace practical experience. That’s where VR is the perfect solution, and All-in-One wireless headsets like the VIVE Focus 3 come in.

The VR safety training platform was created in close collaboration with behavioral science experts as well as ground workers at construction industry giant Skanska to replicate risk scenarios in a variety of construction site environments that workers face every day.

VIVE Focus 3, powered by the Snapdragon® XR2 platform, delivers 5k resolution and high-fidelity visuals plus robust tracking and intuitive features that allows OutHere and Skanska to create scenarios based on real projects or theoretical experiences. By integrating the ‘Step Into Safety’ program and VIVE Focus 3 with HTC’s VIVE Business Training solution, trainees can benefit from real-time instructor feedback. Training leaders can observe the progress of a trainee on an Android device and highlight next steps needed – even in a session of hundreds.

HTC Construction VR/AR two

“We wanted to provide our workers with a new kind of training that could fundamentally change their behavior,” said Tania Sjöberg, Project Leader of Step Into Safety & Leadership Developer with Skanska. “Filling out multiple-choice webforms or listening to presentations is a good start but doesn’t reach their emotions – where real behavioral change is possible. VR can do that because you can put participants ‘at risk’ in a simulated environment without endangering their lives. The decision for just VR was the possibility of linking behavioral science with VR technology to achieve lasting behavioral change.”

The Step Into Safety demo at MWC will guide users through complex and hazardous simulations that replicate real-life scenarios on construction sites. The goal is for trainees to develop essential skills through in-depth and vivid imagery that leads to long-term behavioral change and safer workplaces in the construction industry. 

Learn more about VIVE Focus 3 at vive.com or OutHere at outhere.se