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Innovation Briefing Issue 6 | Sponsored: S5GConnect programme

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  • Published by Crispin Moller on 20 Sep 2021
  • Last modified 16 Sep 2021
The driving force behind developing opportunities for 5G in Scotland

The role of the Scotland

5G Centre is to establish Scotland as a country ready and able to support users of the next generation of services in connectivity and wireless communications. The S5GConnect programme, funded by the Scottish government, is accelerating this ambition through the rollout of 5G hubs in cities and rural locations that span the country. 

Each hub is established around business enterprise, academic and corporate opportunities that already exist in the areas and are supported by local authorities, academia and enterprise agencies. This innovative approach develops sectors in locations where there is already an  appetite or need for innovation.

The S5GConnect programme will be the catalyst to place Scotland at the forefront of digital connectivity.   

Direct Access to Key Target Industry Sectors

The SG5Connect programme gives potential collaborators an opportunity to gain direct access to key target sectors and partners by using market intelligence already gathered by the Scotland 5G Centre. Access to this knowledge will provide the opportunity to link up with high-growth potential start-ups and scale-ups, and to build on and utilise existing public- and private-sector investment. The spirit of collaboration is already in place to recognise and capture growth, and the hubs will provide a cluster of use cases with the intention of creating viable market opportunities. 

Developing an Ecosystem with Key Players

Deployment of 5G is driven by the development of an ecosystem with key players that work together to create viable use cases and unlock the value of and potential for investment.

The S5GConnect programme is a £4m funding package to support the establishment of these hubs to stimulate collaboration between industry partners, small businesses, academia, local authorities, economic agencies and government bodies.

Dundee V&A

Open for Business & Regionally Relevant

There are currently three hubs open and ready for engagement in the Forth Valley, Dundee and Dumfries. More are planned.

Each one has been designed to be regionally relevant and to ensure that the benefits of 5G align with the challenges and opportunities of the local communities.  Designed to be a welcoming and enabling space for 5G innovation, whatever your current level of 5G expertise the hubs all work to encourage the formation of an ecosystem for entrepreneurs to exploit these new capabilities – not just the business and economic benefits, but social and environmental benefits too.

All the hubs will have 5G mobile private networks to give a safe space for innovation in a sandbox environment to test products, services and solutions on live, albeit closed, networks. 

Supporting Innovation and Growth in the Central Belt, Dundee and Dumfries

In the Forth Valley hub, at the heart of Scotland’s central belt, is a partnership between academia and a telecommunications provider, which is developing a green data recovery platform that will support Scotland’s net zero economy ambition. In Dundee, the hub will support ways in which 5G, with immersive and interactive technologies and virtual reality, can be used by the strong local gaming sector. It will also work in partnership to explore opportunities to use 5G with IoT and sensor-based systems for better management of buildings, delivery of healthcare and manufacturing productivity. S5GConnect’s and Scotland’s first rural 5G hub in Dumfries will harness technological expertise and academic research to use 5G to transform southern Scotland’s communities and economies. Projects include the development of agritech solutions and remote healthcare initiatives to support assisted living.