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Introducing the BetterConnected campaign

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  • Published on 27 Jan 2021
  • Last modified 29 Jan 2021
The ‘Better Connected’ Campaign Celebrates People and Companies Engaged in the UK’s 5G Testbeds & Trials and the UK5G Innovation Network

Together, hundreds of organisations and thousands of people are exploring how new digital infrastructure and operations can improve life for the biosphere, for society, and the wider economy. These people and organisations join together through the UK5G Innovation Network and its new ‘Better Connected’ campaign celebrates some of the people and companies involved, along with their achievements.

‘Digitisation is not a button to be clicked but a process that develops as trial and error builds trust’, said Paul Wilson, Senior Advisor, UK5G.

‘5G is not just a new telecoms radio antenna but a bundle of interdependent technologies with the potential to unlock new ways of living and working. 5G is not just for telecoms companies and mobile phones, it has the potential to impact most sectors of the economy and society as the Internet of Things develops’ 

Paul Wilson

To seize the opportunity, the UK5G Innovation Network is helping people to be better connected with each other, across organisations, and to collaborate in diverse teams to explore the art and science of the possible together. Guided by the UK5G Advisory Board, active Working Groups, hundreds of organisations, including 23 Universities, 16 Local Authorities, and over 100 Suppliers, are collaborating to explore how better connected physical infrastructure; things; people and the natural world, can improve life for the biosphere, for society and the economy.

How will the campaign unfold?

We'll be sharing quotes and insights from the UK5G community over the coming weeks across our Twitter and LinkedIn social media channels. You can view all campaign contributors directly on the campaign microsite here.

#BeBetterConnected on Twitter

Here's how you can get involved

If you are already part of the UK5G Innovation Network, and would like to contribute to the campaign, we would be delighted to include your contribution. Please email us the following:

  • A head and shoulders photo of you that you want to be used in the campaign, along with your name, job title and organisational affiliation (a colour or black and white photo is fine, the higher the resolution the better)
  • A 25 word quote about 5G, UK5G, or your participation in a 5G Testbed & Trial
  • Please explain which of the following you are involved in: a 5G Testbed & Trial; the Advisory Board; a Working Group; the Supplier Directory; an Associate Partner; the forthcoming Be Better Connected Podcast*

Register as a UK5G member

*Yes, we're also launching a ‘Be Better Connected’ podcast

There are so many new and exciting ways in which to leverage 5G technology to engage with current and future audiences. The challenge right now is identifying what is really possible and turning innovative ideas into reality. The 'Be Better Connected' podcast series will uncover what is possible and give insights into the large eco-system ready to help build the creative platforms of the future.

Join podcast host, Rory Byrne, Founder of LXR and guests for a 5-parter podcast unfolds 5G's potential for the UK's creative sector. We anticipate episode 1 to drop soon so stay tuned.

Better Connected Podcast supporters

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