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"World-first innovation" launches successfully

  • 2 minute read
  • Published by Richard Barrington on 7 Jun 2021
  • Last modified 9 Jun 2021
5G Connected Automated Logistics (CAL), which is based in the North East, is now live

The project demonstrates the key features for successful CAL deployment—the safe and secure operation and handover of the CAV from autonomous mode to remote manual operation (teleoperation) and vice versa when a situation outside of the autonomous logic of the vehicle arises.

This is considered a crucial demonstration of the capabilities of 5G and CAL, and critical for their operation in potential emergency situations, and, it is believed, will represent a world-first innovation. 

"I first heard about Nokia's NDAC 5G Private Network solution early in 2020 and had not expected to be spending time getting to know it up close and intimate until I became 5G Workstream lead at 5G CAL Sunderland," says Richard Barrington, executive consultant at Perform Green. 

"As the entire network—R16 SA Core to NewsRadio—is pre-tested and configured, it was installed on-site turned on and operational in a day (excluding radio network) and I was able to securely log in from my home office (dining room table). I could see network traffic as the engineering team walk tested the N77 Network!," he adds. "They used two 5G phones from different vendors containing SIMs that are shipped with the NDAC product making it easy to provision and secure."  

He continues: "Initial testing complete, the fun starts next month when the teleoperations SW combined with Street Drone's SW will be tested controlling a Nissan NX200 via the 5G network, then later in the Summer when the 40t EV HGV has been finished so more information later!"


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