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Kadine James joins the UK5G Creative Industries Working Group

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  • Published by Anna Nadolna on 23 Nov 2020
  • Last modified 7 Dec 2020
5G-enabled world: New narratives and experiences of The Immersive Kind. Blog by Anna Nadolna

“Digital means dynamic, constantly changing. Digital means algorithmic, generative, collaborative, crowdsourced; the output is unique to the user, to the time, to the place,” wrote Tea Uglow of Google’s Creative Lab, nearly a decade ago, making a case for digital art and “using data and hardware to generate extraordinary transformative experiences.”

With the COVID-19 pandemic accelerating the transition towards digital and with the promise of 5G connectivity, we’re moving towards a new era for creative industries powered by emerging technologies set to change the boundaries of digital engagement, and with the human-centred design at the heart of it, to unlock new narratives and experiences where users are both spectators and co-creators. 

“Personalised”, “contextualised”, “non-disruptive”, “intuitive”, “accessible”, “real-time”, “on-demand” and “super-fast” are just some of the terms used to describe the next chapter of user experience and the potential of immersive and interactive technologies, at the backbone of which is advanced connectivity, that makes VR-, AR- and 360 video-driven projects, such as latest Acute’s Art collaborations with artists Marina Abramović (“Rising”, 2018) and Ai Weiwei (“Omni”, 2019), to name just few, possible.

5G networks, Cloud, Edge Computing and innovative, wearable devices are some of the building blocks of the new Digital Reality, opening alternative ways to work and bring value to users and enterprises across industries.

With more groundbreaking initiatives emerging from the 5G Testbeds and Trials Programme (5GTT), funded by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) to explore and develop new use-cases and 5G technical capabilities, the UK5G Creative Industries Working Group, a vibrant community of digital creators, innovators, industry experts, policy makers and tech evangelists, has welcomed Kadine James, CEO and Founder of The Immersive KIND and Specialist in XR/MR/AR/VR technologies.

Kadine James

"I am thrilled to be joining the UK Creative Industries 5G working group. The high-bandwidth low-latency technologies promised by 5G will radically disrupt the Creative Industries. Across Immersive XR, TV, film, music, advertising, theatre, the arts and digital creative tech industries. I am looking forward to amplifying how the next generation of innovative digital technologies will ensure that the UK continues to retain its status at the global forefront of creative content,” said Kadine James. “The Internet of Things unleashed with spatial computing will create endless possibilities for innovation and enterprise and for consumers, 5G offers low latency dense coverage that combined with higher bandwidths will be able to unveil previously unreachable places." 

The Immersive KIND is an interdisciplinary collective working with artists, neuroscientists, AI engineers, data scientists and bio architects. The collective’s model is both fresh and exciting in the arts and in the history of digital counter-culture. As an art and advanced technology organisation, the focus is on providing opportunities for emerging artists, diverse, underrepresented voices, and queer communities to exercise their ideas and their voices.

Driven by fostering collaborations, The Immersive Kind has built a 24/7 online community of artists, designers, creatives, and technologists from around the world who use emerging technologies such as, game engine software (Unreal Engine 4, Unity), Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and robotics.  It’s an ecosystem for extended reality (XR) innovation and XR artists that look beyond the immediate environment of contemporary art and pursue tangible impacts elsewhere, setting new standards of technological advancement, sophistication and innovation. 

As part of the announcement about joining the UK5G Creative Industries Working Group, Kadine is preparing a limited edition digital filter that will be unveiled shortly.

To find out more about The Immersive KIND, please visit www.theimmersivekind.com