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Lifting the lid on 5G Safety

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  • Published by Crispin Moller on 18 Nov 2021
  • Last modified 18 Nov 2021
One of the outcomes of the earlier inter-project collaboration work has been a concerted effort by UK5G to tackle the issues around 5G misinformation.

After a number of expert consultations, including with a number of projects, UK5G is now setting out through a series of digital workshops to communicate the facts about 5G and help local authorities, regional authorities and LEPs to alleviate safety concerns. We’ve gathered together experts and industry bodies to tackle these questions:

  • What is 5G? What is new, different, and important about this advancement?
  • What is the value of 5G to communities and places? What does it mean for transport, healthcare, rural areas and more?
  • How can we overcome safety concerns and anti-5G sentiment? How do we myth bust and what tools are available to us?

Although virtual, these workshops are targeted at the north and south of England, and for each of the devolved nations. 

Starting 23rd November and ending on 9th December.

Northern England
Northern Ireland