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Milestone £3.6 million R&D partnership with the Republic of Korea to improve energy efficiency of telecoms networks

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  • Published by Vicki DeBlasi on 26 Jul 2022
  • Last modified 26 Jul 2022
The government is today announcing how it will invest in international telecoms R&D collaboration over the next three years to enable UK-based researchers to work with global partners in the telecoms industry, including world-leading Open RAN researchers and suppliers.

In collaboration with the Republic of Korea (ROK), the UK is launching a competition to select a UK consortium to work on a world-first R&D collaboration project.

In a boost to the industry, the UK will invest £1.6 million in a joint-funded £3.6 million competition with the Republic of Korea to collaborate on an R&D project to accelerate the development of Open RAN technology.

Each country will fund a group of several companies to work together to accelerate the development of technical solutions to improve power efficiency in Open RAN networks. Power consumption is a major operating cost, so the work will support wider adoption of Open RAN technologies, reduce operating costs and support net zero ambitions.

Digital Infrastructure Minister Matt Warman said:

“The seamless connectivity and blistering speeds of 5G and then 6G will power a tech revolution which will enrich people’s lives and fire up productivity across the economy.

“It’s why we’re investing millions and partnering with international allies to unleash innovation and develop new ways to make these networks more secure, resilient and less reliant on a handful of suppliers.” 

This competition is open to applications from consortia with two or more members from relevant industry, academic or public sector organisations, with funding available for activity taking place in the UK.  The UK government is providing up to £1.6 million funding for the UK-ROK competition (to be matched by industry) and ROK £1.5 million (with £0.5 million from industry).  This world-leading international collaboration project will run until 31 March 2024. 

Bids must be submitted by noon on 20 September 2022. Application guidance is available on gov.uk.

Register for the briefing event here.