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Mobile Industry Delivers on Major 5G Milestone

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  • Published by Eleanor Brash on 14 Jun 2018
  • Last modified 19 Jun 2018
On Friday June 14, 3GPP members announced the successful and timely launch of SA Rel-15 5G

At the end of a long week, the 3GPP TSG Plenary Meeting announced the completion of the standalone Release 15 of 5G specifications, completing another step in the path towards full 5G commercialization. 

3GPP is a project that unites seven telecommunications standard development organisations in order to provide a stable platform for producing the reports and specifications that define cellular network technologies, including radio access, service and system aspects and core networks and terminals.

An early standard had already been released which the industry had been using for 5G trials, however this was based on the existing LTE network. With this release, companies like AT&T now anticipate rolling out commercial 5G services within the year.

More than 600 delegates gathered in La Jolla, USA, last week, including representatives from the world's largest telecom operators, network, terminals and chipset vendors, internet companies and other vertial industries, in order to demonstrate their support for this launch and commend those who have brought it about.

The completion of these specifications enables:

  • Indepedent deployment of 5G New Radio (NR)
  • A brand new end-to-end service architecture
  • 5G to be a facilitator of the intelligent ICT processes desired by enterprise customers
  • New business models
  • A new era of interconnection for mobile operators and industrial partners

This milestone marks the contribution of hundreds of engineers from multiple organisations who have been working on Rel-15 for the last three years. They are confident that the result of their collaboration will meet the high expectations. 

This is excellent news for the ongoing trials in the UK and will allow the next phase of the DCMS trials and testbed program to take a leadership position with fully standards compliant radios and the new 5G core.

Howard Benn, Head of Standards & Industrial Affairs, Samsung Electronics, and UK5G Advisory Board Member

The completion of Standalone (SA) 5G NR radio standards was a remarkable result of global 5G eco-system collaboration. The successes and lessons we learned from DCMS 5G Testbeds & Trials will place UK in a leadership position in making 5G NR a commercial reality for a diverse set of verticals.

Sylvia Lu, Senior Engineer at u-blox and and UK5G Advisory Board Member

This milestone will allow for more advanced testing using standards-compliant equipment and paves the way for our commercial 5G launch in a dozen cities later this year.

Hank Kafka, VP Access Architecture and Standards, AT&T

5G NR Standalone systems not only dramatically increase the mobile broadband speeds and capacity, but also open the door for new industries beyond telecommunications that are looking to revolutionize their ecosystem through 5G.

Balázs Bertényi, Chairman of 3GPP TSG RAN

The name of the host place, La Jolla, means “the jewel” in Spanish. As the name of the host place, 5G has been viewed as a “jewel” from its birth and bears the expectations and dreams of the entire mobile communications industry.

Dr. Liu Guiqing, EVP at China Telecom 

While Rel-15 is a huge accomplishment and sets the industry up well to deliver on 5G, 3GPP has stated that it will continue its work in this area, aligning industry standards to the needs of developers, enterprise and consumers.