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New innovative application that connects businesses and suppliers, supporting startup industry too

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  • Published by Charisma Quebral on 14 Apr 2021
  • Last modified 27 Apr 2021
A Europe-based company, RetailHub, in collaboration with AWTG, is about to launch a service that can easily connect retailers to suppliers particularly startups using AI at its heart.

Reading this first statement, it seems like it is already something you can search online. But what stands out with RetailHub is its goal to make a seamless connection between the two using modern AI technology, finding the most compatible startups and suppliers for the retailers.

It doesn’t limit to just tangible supplies but also services and every possible industry to cater to.  Another good news is that this isn’t a one-time match. With its free trial or just a monthly subscription-based fee, retailers will be able to save so much time and resources finding startups and suppliers. It really will be a hub for retailers to expand their business, while saving cost from procurement providing only the most seamless experience for both retailers and startups/suppliers.

There are so many applications and websites designed to connect our personal lives and make it easier for us. In fact, if you google a personal social application and websites, thousands of different options will appear. And during the past years, the tech industry grew and flourished but was left stuck when it comes to linking together. Yes, LinkedIn is there as the number one social application, but there are still missing components that can create massive convenience for businesses and entrepreneurs.

AWTG is responsible for delivering RetailHub’s vision to develop an application that is seamless, innovative, and accessible to its target market. With its team of UX designers and software engineers, AWTG is in line with RetailHub’s mission and vision.

After 10+ years working for retailers across the world, it has been easy to spot the need for innovation. But how can you innovate your business if you don’t know where to find the best solution for your needs? We started from this inefficiency to build up a one-stop place for both startups that want to get in touch with the retail business community and for retailers and brands that need to find the kind of innovation that can perfectly fit them. And the AI will help create the efficiency required to save time…and budgets.

Massimo Volpe, Founder, RetailHub

"We are very pleased to collaborate with RetailHub and to support them in bringing innovation to the retail industry while encouraging the meeting between the corporate and start-up world."
Marco Odisio, Business Development Director, AWTG

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