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New report: 5G activity accelerates as operators look to differentiate

  • 2 minute read
  • Published by Mark Price on 15 Feb 2021
  • Last modified 17 Feb 2021
A report released this week illustrates the accelerated timetables from service providers in upgrading to 5G standalone (SA) with the new 5G Core, and reveals how 5G is driving new initiatives and sector engagements.

The second annual 5G global outlook report from Spirent Communications is based on analysis and takeaways from over 600 global 5G engagements in 2020. The 5G 2021: Market Drivers, Insights & Considerationsreport provides insights from across the 5G eco-system on the current status of 5G.

“2020 was certainly a year to remember, not just because of the unprecedented challenges presented by COVID-19, but also because of the rapid development for the telecom industry,” said Spirent Head of 5G Strategy, Steve Douglas.

“Telecom is keeping its sights firmly focused on 5G’s future, not in spite of the challenges of the pandemic, but because of them, and our latest report gives an unparalleled view of the current status of 5G and the trends we’re seeing for the year ahead, based on the investments, research, testing and innovation by the leading 5G players.”

Steve Douglas

The report draws on Spirent’s work with operators, network equipment manufacturers, government, military, and device makers across the globe as the leading test, assurance, and analytics solutions provider for next-generation devices and networks. It provides an updated, behind-the-scenes view of what’s gone right so far, where challenges persist, and how what was learned during the year is impacting priorities for 2021 and beyond. 

“In many ways, the pandemic has accelerated trends that we hadn’t anticipated gaining steam for at least another couple of years,” said Douglas, “whether fixed wireless access driven by working from home, or automation required to safely conduct field testing with limited personnel. While there were delays, by and large 5G powered ahead and remained in control of its destiny.”

“This report provides us with a real-world glimpse into 5G deployments today,” said Patrick Kelly, Founder and Principal Analyst at Appledore Research. “Spirent has a unique perspective in the 5G ecosystem as a leader in test and assurance solutions. The report provides insights into the current status of 5G and what’s coming next, particularly in 5G core, transport, network security, Open RAN progress, and the role of automated assurance.”

The “5G 2021: Market Drivers, Insights & Consideration” report offers a broad view of market-wide 5G challenges, opportunities and plans, and is available as a download at www.spirent.com/assets/the-spirent-2021-5g-report.