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New "Scotland 5G Centre" launches

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  • Published by Eleanor Brash on 28 Nov 2019
  • Last modified 28 Nov 2019
A new centre has been opened in the Glasgow City Innovation District that will be the national platform for the acceleration of the adoption of 5G in the country, realising its economic and societal potential for Scotland.

It is a key part of the Scottish Government's plans for Scotland to be an international leader in 5G. So much is already happening in that country, including the 5G RuralFirst trials which explored the economic viability of 5G in rural areas through use cases such as agriculture and consumer broadband.

The Scotland 5G Centre has been founded by the University of Strathclyde, the University of Glasgow and the Scottish Futures Trust. It is working closely with businesses, academia and public bodies across the whole of Scotland. The first three projects will:

  • improve rural connectivity
  • kick off 5G testbeds in urban areas with a focus on business growth
  • develop the mechanisms for businesses and councils to access 5G infrastructure and services.

“5G will be a critical enabler for a host of new applications and will dramatically change the communications landscape; it’s great news that there is now a centre to provide a focal point in Scotland. It’s an exciting time as we now bring the Scotland 5G Centre into existence and start on a path to realise the benefits for Scotland.”

Scotland 5G Centre Director, Dr Derek Boyd

“This is an exciting time for wireless communications and in particular, 5G, which brings more than surfing the internet faster. 5G opens up the capability for new applications and more importantly the opportunity for new business models for operators and enterprises. I am delighted to be part of the Scotland 5G Centre to bring these benefits to Scotland at this pivotal time.”

Scotland 5G Centre Operations Director, Dr Malachy Devlin

A recent report by Deloitte concluded that better wireless and mobile technology capabilities could add £17bn and around 160,000 net new jobs to the Scottish economy by 2035. Mass availability of 4G and 5G could improve productivity per worker by £1600 pa. The Scotland 5G Centre is one of the first steps in realising these benefits.

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