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Not cut to pattern: Digital fashion mixes design, code and 5G

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  • Published by Anna Nadolna on 23 Nov 2020
  • Last modified 14 Jan 2021
The Immersive KIND releases an Augmented Reality Garment on iPhone 5G. Blog by Anna Nadolna

Digital fashion mixes design, code and 5G

“We waste nothing but data and exploit nothing but our imagination” is the motto behind a digital fashion start-up The Fabricant that together with a blockchain tech company Dapper Labs and artist Johanna Jaskowska created the world's first digital blockchain dress, “Iridescence”, which sold for $9,500 USD.


Image source: Julien Boudet / Instagram repost via Johanna Jaskowska

Another project that captured the imagination and blurred the lines between the real and virtual is a project entitled “Decomposition of Materiality” from the Central Saint Martins graduate, Scarlett Yang combining biodesign, digital fabrication, 3D-generative simulation and traditional textile design using biodegradable materials  that grow and decompose in a controlled environment.

Image source: Instagram repost from Scarlet Yang

Image source: Scarlet Yang / Instagram repost

“Hyper-real”, hybrid projects powered by AI and Extended Reality

Defying categorisation, these “hyper-real”, hybrid projects that mix new material innovations with emerging and digital technologies including robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR),  have become a realm of relentless exploration for the team at The Immersive KIND, a creative studio specialising in 3D, VR, AR and MR.

The Immersive Kind

Image source: The Immersive Kind / Instagram repost 

The Extended Reality (XR) Designer Damara Inglês, Lucy Wheeler, Creative Director at The Immersive KIND and the brand’s CEO and Founder, Kadine James, who has recently joined the UK5G Creative Industries Working Group, came together to work on their digital Augemented Reality project. With Kadine's art direction and concept of the AR Drop, rare limited edition virtual wearables, transforming the experience of digital fashion into something fully immersive and interactive, were produced for the Brazilian Immersive Fashion Week (BRIFW2O2O) where The Immersive KIND team was also joined by the above mentioned artist Scarlett Yang.

Tech-enabled digital design to reimagine fashion industry

More than just a couture XR wearable this collection reveals “a deeper understanding of digital design” and features the designers stories during the global pandemic with the scope to take audiences on a journey that explores the narrative behind exclusive limited edition digital collections of which 50 collectors will be granted access to a one off XR augmented reality experience.

The project is also a unique opportunity to demonstrate the power of 5G capabilities, inviting audiences across the UK and beyond to participate in a global augmented reality experience that gives users the opportunity to capture themselves in digital couture. The full immersive experience will showcase the audience wearing the garments and a campaign will run alongside with the most imaginative “collectors” being featured on The Immersive KIND's online showroom.

Kadine James

“Digital is breaking new ground and AI, AR, XR and Immersive Technology is an exciting tool powering creativity to the wider fashion and creative tech industry here in the UK and around the world. Our designers at The Immersive KIND are pushing fashion forwards, constructing new narratives on how we can create without being constrained by physical environments, materials and the cost of making samples; for consumers, who now with Extended Reality limited editions will get to wear digital “couture” and experiment with extraordinary digital fashion through the wonders of social media and being online, at a fraction of the cost of real garments; for brands and retailers, this is opening up powerful ways to engage with new and diverse audience around the world,” said Kadine James. “For this very special Rare Edition series for BRIFW2020 we will be embedding blockchain technologies into our digital collection which will add the ability to track ownership of every digital item by applying a unique ID, we’re moving into a new realm of fashion tech with brand new business models, empowering designers and consumers and I am especially excited about these new innovations allowing us to all think differently about ways that we can use advanced technologies to make a more sustainable and inclusive industry.”

This inspiring project extends The Immersive KIND’s ongoing research into immersive technology and pushing digital fashion forward, exploring themes of the environment and sustainability and the need to reimagine what we buy, how we produce and consume fashion, including how we can leave a lighter footprint on the planet. The augmented reality experience asks the participant to reimagine the future of digital designer fashion and the need for a more sustainable and inclusive industry.

To find out more about The Immersive Kind, please visit www.theimmersivekind.com