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Opportunity to Join the 5G RuralDorset Team

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  • Published by Crispin Moller on 7 Jul 2020
  • Last modified 8 Jul 2020
5G Rural Dorset are expanding their communications team

Communications Officer 


The energetic and ambitious Digital Place team (formerly Superfast Dorset) leads Dorset Council's activity to make Dorset a digital place. We have successfully improved connections to fixed broadband for around 100,000 homes and businesses and continue to build Dorset's full fibre network, starting in the most rural locations. Now we are also working on mobile connectivity through an innovative 5G programme.

But providing the connectivity is one thing; helping residents to make the most of it is equally important. We encourage people to take up the new services. And we have a skills programme dedicated to helping the offline community and those who lack essential digital skills transform their lives by increasing their digital confidence.

What the role entails 

Fabulous and innovative communications has always been at the team's heart; we now have an unusual opportunity to rebuild the comms function, bringing in new ideas to support all the Digital Place programmes. The communications officers will work collaboratively with the programme managers, senior communications officer and stakeholders to promote broadband services and digital projects.

There is always plenty to do in the Digital Place team; you will be assigned to jobs depending on current resource need. So you may be giving people reasons for upgrading their broadband and help them understand what services are available in their home or business one week. The next, you may be working with stakeholders at all levels and including central government and commercial providers as well as local organisations to help them understand the programme's objectives and challenges. You may be supporting special projects including the innovative 5G trials which are just getting underway, letting local residents know what's happening in their area. Or you may be filming case studies showing the offline community how we can help them get online for the first time.

There's a chance to find out about the latest telecommunications technology, work with the council's other digital gurus to find new technical solutions and be part of a team that is recognised locally and nationally for its work.

More info about the open positions can be found here.