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OPPO’s Find X2 5G handsets are pricey but good

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  • Published by Simon Rockman on 9 Mar 2020
  • Last modified 10 Mar 2020
Challenger handset brand Oppo has launched two new 5G handsets and 5G fixed wireless access device.

Oppo Lady in a Room

When Apple burst through the £1000 price barrier it led the way for other handset manufacturers to follow. This is good news for the 5G handset manufacturers because it means that they can sell 5G handsets for the same price as Apple’s 4G devices. The Oppo Find X2 and Oppo Find X2 Pro, major on having a great screen. both handsets feature a 3168 x 1440, 513 ppi, AMOLED screen and support a 120Hz refresh rate. They use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Mobile processor and X55 5G Modem.

But the main event is the screen which has ultra-low screen reflectivity and a maximum brightness of up to 1200nit. Each unit is calibrated for screen colour before leaving the factory. High frame rates of up to 120fps and real-time HDR are supported by the Oppo  O1 Ultra Vision Engine with a built-in independent display chip.

If you ask someone why they chose a phone they will tell you that it’s because it has a good camera. All phones have good cameras. As is it in vogue, the new Oppo phones have too many of the things. The Find X2 Pro is has a triple-camera setup, 48MP wide-angle lens, 48MP ultra-wide-angle lens and a 13MP telephoto lens, with 10x hybrid zoom. The Find X2 Pro main, wide-angle camera uses the Sony IMX689, which is the largest 48MP mobile camera sensor.  With optical image stabilising and f / 1.7, it’s good at low light. The Find X2 Pro is the first smartphone to support all pixel Omni-directional phase-detect auto focus which gives 100% pixel focusing and omnidirectional focusing. Previous Oppo phones had an incredible Ultra Night Mode, which seems to pull images, albeit grainy ones, out of near-total darkness, the new phones can now cover all focal lengths with a maximum zoom of 60x, making telephoto night shoots more possible. A maximum of 30x smooth zooming is also achievable when shooting video.

The Find X2 Pro supports 4K 60fps video shooting with Live HDR. By integrating 10bit video recording, and pixel-level, real-time grading, exposure and video colour calibration, the phone can adjust elements such as highlights and shadows in backlit scenes.

Oppo Find X2

If you ask someone what they want of their next phone they will say “great battery life”, but this is hard if you want a thin phone. The Oppo Find X2 and Oppo Find X2 Pro have 4200mAh and 4260mAh batteries, so the Oppo does the next best thing which is short charging time it uses a 65W SuperVOOC (Voltage Open Loop Multi-step Constant-Current Charging) 2.0 flash charge. This takes the phone to full charge in under 38 minutes. That’s impressive because Oppo quotes full charge time. The last 10% is usually hard and slow.

While the screen is what eats up most of the power, it’s the radio and processor which are next guiltiest amp eaters. Unlike its mid-tier 765, Qualcomm’s top of the range Snapdragon 865 Mobile Platform doesn’t incorporate the modem. That is a separate chip the Snapdragon X55 5G modem, and it’s this that we find in the Find. In addition, there is Qualcomm FastConnect 6800 subsystem which supports Wi-Fi 6.

In an age when all phones are black rectangles, handset manufacturers look for cosmetic differentiation and in the case of the Oppo phones, this is ceramic and vegan leather. The ceramic edition uses a new type of high-strength ceramic composite material. The surface of the black ceramic edition is produced by a micron etching process that makes the phone pleasantly smooth to the touch. The orange vegan “leather” editions use polyurethane.

Differentiation continues to the user interface. ColorOS 7.1 is Oppo’s light touch skin on Android 10 with animations and sound effects. The Dark Mode helps with battery life.

The Find X2 has an RRP of £899 while crossing that £1000 boundary the Find X2 Pro has an RRP of £1099.

Oppo 5G CPE Omni

Announced with considerably less fanfare than the handsets, the Oppo 5G CPE (customer premises equipment) Omni, is a 5G router which gives allows people who have poor internet access, but good 5G coverage, fast Wi-Fi. A domestic hotspot. It also supports low power Bluetooth 4.1 and Zigbee 3.0. Like the handset, it uses a Qualcomm X55 modem supporting mmWave and sub GHz frequencies. This will work in both non-standalone and standalone 5G systems and with enough mmWave bandwidth can deliver 7.5Gbps, with the Wi-Fi running at up to 6 Gbps. There are two sets of antennas to haul in the best possible 5G signal. There are eight sub-6 GHz antennas set up to use the best four to work with 4x4 MIMO and an antenna gain of an impressive 6.7dBi. The mmWave antenna will rotate to get the best signal, ideally with beamforming, assuming the local network infrastructure supports this.

Oppo 5G CPE Omni

All this bandwidth, of course, means lots of processing so the Omni has an aluminium frame as a heatsink and a fan. It’s designed for a domestic environment with an attractive case.

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