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Sceenic & Netflix CEO's share their views on the challenges that content consumption and content creation are facing today.

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  • Published by Natalia Higuera on 21 Oct 2019
  • Last modified 10 Nov 2019
Royal Television Society, Cambridge Convention 2019.  Sceenic was invited to participate in the panel ‘A Far Off Place, Of Which We Know Nothing - Exploring Gen Z’ at the RTS Cambridge Convention 2019. Our CEO, Paul Bojarski, shared his knowledge on how to engage and get closer to the new generation called ‘Gen Z’.

The panelists invited to share their experiences and knowledge were: Amber Gill (Love Island winner 2019 and influencer), Caspar Lee (Vlogger and entrepreneur), Timothy Armoo (CEO, Fanbytes), Rob Chapman (CEO & Partner, Founders Intelligence as chair) and Paul Bojarski (CEO, Sceenic). At this panel, they discussed how far the TV content seems to be from their audience.

With traditional TV, the content and comments are not in the same place.

Paul Bojarski

At this panel, they had the chance to discuss and give examples on how a TV show can be narrated on social media for both the people who are watching, and those who are not, but can follow every step by the interactions on different platforms like Twitter, Instagram, etc.

During the RTS conferences 2019 Reed Hasting, Netflix CEO talked about some of the opportunities and challenges that content creators are facing and will face in the future: capacity, training and development. Challenged by avoid the empty stages.  Watch Reed’s conference here.

Paul Bojarski added during his intervention, that it is very important that companies should start using the existing technologies and tools - such as 5G - to create a conversation between their audiences, but without it happening outside of their video platforms, and outlined the experience of Sceenic’s Watch Together technology engaging people on different content creators’ platforms.

Sceenic was the first company to understand today’s customer behaviour and mentality, developing the technology to connect people around the content that they watch through any device.